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    22 June 2008


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    Alex K

    I'm willing to bet the reason the thumbtack was there is because it was once on our bulletin board in our room and we tossed it (among other things) out our window and just never found it.

    Heidi Kaisand

    I love the artifacts. The way the kids carry things around I can only image what I'll re-discover years from now.


    Linder's is all well and good, but I prefer Meehan Brothers nursery. They always have the hydrangeas I'm looking for. :)


    Roseann, you have the most beautiful blog site---gardens


    handsome son and family.

    Take care------all will be just fine.

    Carol in Northwest Tenn.


    You need to come back to us ... you know all the cool spots! California's going to slide off into the ocean, anyway. Linders really truly does have the best selection of geraniums ... they have every color you can imagine. And then at Christmas, their main store is jammed full with fabulous stuff ... we get our tree there almost every year. Great company!


    Ahh Linders, man I miss MN. I've even been to Linders, and some place that has the biggest collection of geraniums I've ever seen!

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