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    15 October 2009


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    Karen Barrie

    $ 125.00 of hard earned babysitting monies !! Purchased back in the early 70's and still runs like a dream.....

    I was looking at your past dated posting and saw it !!!


    I have a fantastic repair guy, but... he's in Dallas.


    I got my Genie in 1974, I graduated HS in June and bought the machine with my money from my first real job that summer. My sister still has the machine, and it still works!


    Art's Sewing Machine Repair on Payne Avenue is a wonderful place for Singer repair. One of the only ones I know that works on Featherweights. Give him a try.


    Oh, yes...meant to add that I have two other machines since then but the Singer will stay with me unless it totally dies. It is a great, reliable back-up machine when these new-fangled ones have some computer problem...which they seem prone to having!!!


    I have a Singer that is a true workhorse.....must be about 30 years old now.....and I won't get rid of that one, either. They don't make them as good any longer.....NO company makes them as good as those old machines were!


    I have mine at Valley West in Bloomington. He is the only one who thought he could fix it and I couldn't let it go.


    Your little Genie definately looks like it will be right at home in the hideout! Good luck with the move this weekend - can't wait to see what you do with the new shop space!

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