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    10 January 2010


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    Sharon Stevens

    Wonderful quilts and house..hey I spotted one of my dolls in a photo! So glad you are still enjoying her!


    Lovely quilts in your collection.I love the idea of pulling a quilt for a short catnap.The ideas of pillow and cushions to co ordinate these are also very nice.With every quilt there is a story.

    Linda P

    Well, this was a super great post and so much fun to dream and think of my stash while looking thru your collection. I also have 2 big crocks and a big copper plant holder that I have quilts rolled in - mostly the wall hangings and runners. Thanks for the idea of the tree skirt - my small quilts I have on my table tops, I change out for the seasons or month - I will gather up and tumble thru the dryer to freshen up - whoo hooo not much dusting there either.
    Thanks again, sure enjoyed looking!!


    Lucky you to be living in a quilted home :) I Love them! I'm still rather new at quilting and finding the time to "finish" anything is rare with 3 kids under 5 around here... but I've already made it my goal, that by the year 2024 there will be quilt "GALORE" around here - that I've made! I'll be 50 years old by then... so I think that's about right... 14 more years... ;)

    Wish me luck!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


    What a wonderful quilt shop and I didn't even have to leave home!!!!
    Thank you for sharing, Roseann!!!

    Laurie in Iowa

    Wonderful... I loved seeing your quilt collection and reading your stories.


    what a great post I loved visiting your home and quilts! nice to see how others use/display their quilts.
    would love to have you open up a few for us to see though!
    love the quilts in the crocks, great idea! and the spool quilt , its on my list of quilts to make!
    thanks for the stories and the tour!

    Susan Knapp

    Love all the pictures and the stories too. Quilters are not supposed to count their quilts, but count the blessings that come with them.

    Leslie Schmidt

    All those quilts just look like you. Very warm and cozy. I have a couple of quilts that my grandmother gave to me, but I never know how to display them. My home is more modern, Scandinavian, and simple, so we don't the kinds of things to show them off. My husband likes things clean and cool. In fact, he's a better housekeeper than I am!

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