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    28 January 2010


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    Jon~ shed plans

    I'd love to visit this shop one of these days, very classic and lots of vintage items.

    Dissertation Writing

    I like the pictures.

    first aid kits

    wow, that's very pretty. I love the images.

    rustic bedroom furniture

    I definitely would have bought it the first time around! It's just beautiful and you can do so many things with it for the different seasons. It looks just beautiful as you have it right this site.

    Susan Graham


    O h nice place to shop.. i just been tempted to by that braided rugs. so beautiful.

    Susan Graham

    Just wanted to stop by and say that I think you are very talented and I am so happy for you that things are falling into place. Your blog are soooo fun. Thanks for sharing.


    How fabulous is this. So welcoming.
    So homely with creativity meeting you at the door!

    Sharon Stevens

    This is my ULTIMATE Store to visit! Just love the projects and atmosphere. A real getaway. Hope to visit again this summer. Love Cheri Saffiote designs!!!

    Angela Christenson

    What a beautiful shop....I would love to work with felted wool someday.


    This is one of my favorite quilt shops - and I live in Minneapolis ! I visit a dear friend in the San Diego area at least once a year and we make a bee-line for this wonderful shop. I have a quilt I made from one of their patterns on my bed right now. I can't wait to go back !! Thanks for posting the great pictures.


    Wow! what a shop, hope to go there someday.
    check out this cute use for yo-yos I found at -storybook woods blog. I've made a few already and they turned out great.


    Sure ... go ahead and use my pix but just tell everyone where they came from if you don't mind. Our groups start tonight ... one today and two tomorrow ... everyone is so excited about it!


    I just loved your pictures and wished that I lived even remotely close enough to visit. I will have to settle for drooling at your pics instead!

    I wondered if I could use a few of the wool crazy pictures on my blog? I will of course link back to you. I have joined the bandwahon as well and joined the wool crazy blog, but thought that a few of your pictures show a lot more of the quilt for my friends and family. Who knows, we might even go wool crazy up here in Peterborough ON

    Wooly hugs,


    Seems like everyone agrees that this is a great store! And yes ... that's JoAnn the Wool Crazy designer holding the book. We have been selling her book like crazy ... she's got a ton of other great stitching and doll patterns as well. Fun times ...


    I love this shop and have been there, too. San Diego is just about my favorite city in the U.S. My husband's job used to take him to San Diego quite regularly so I would occasionally go along. Haven't been there in five years. :-( Thanks for taking me through the shop again. :-)


    Thanks you for the great pictures!! I wish I lived close to the Country Loft, I love all of their fun things!! It's great to have the close up pictures of the Wool Crazy quilt, too, since I am waiting patiently to get the book from them.


    OMGosh! Love all of your pictures. I would love to visit there one day. So many bloggers have taken pictures there and I want everything. I just bought that book but it hasn't arrived yet!! Can't wait.


    I just love your photos of that wonderful shop. Too bad Australia is so far away! I have seen the wool crazy book on a couple of blogs and it looks really interesting. Is that the quilt behind the author in the photo?


    I recognize Joan from Bits and Pieces by Joan. I used to babysit her oldest son. Have been to this shop shortly after it was featured in Quilt Sampler.


    Looks like a "to die for shop!" Someday !!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing the pic's, goot wipe the drool of my keyboard....

    paulettte Doyle

    Thanks SO much for sharing!! I am from Canada and am off to the Country Loft on Tuesday!! I am REALLY excited about my visit after seeing these pictures!! Awesome!


    Roseann...what fun your visit was...Thanks so much for coming to see us....and for all the great photos of the shop...:)

    Bobbi in Cottage Grove

    Brings back memories....and i have a pillow i purchased there as a kit to stitch...and i actually made it as soon as i got home. Forgot where that had come from.

    Beth of Lizzie B

    I LOVE LOVE this shop too... it's a must go-to when we head over to San Diego for some beach time. I bought a couple of old antique ladders last time I was there and hauled them home. (I think my kids had to sit amongst them and just suffer the 6 hour drive!!) They hold all my old quilts and I just love 'em.
    Thanks, Roseann, for reminding me how much I love this shop... and for the great pics! It was almost as good as being in person.
    Now, if I could just get to the beach.....

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