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    01 May 2010


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    Hi, I would like to know if you turn the edges under when you make the base for the crazy stiches? Thanks, Phyllis


    Your group round robin project looks like a lot of fun. I have done round robins before with crazy quilting, but never a wool crazy. I like the idea that you have in mind to make them into pincushions. Good luck. I'll be back to check your progress.

    Linda P.

    Yes, I am inspired.... found myself looking at stuff in a different way today. There has been a little box (sort of like a tiny cigar box) on my counter for like 2 wks - today, I thought ooo, I could put a pin cushion on top of that!!! lol


    Is that a watermelon I see??? Or a blue sky atop a mountain??? I'll never say....can't wait to receive it! =)

    Jo Ann Mullaly

    Roseann...Mine is all ready to go! I am off to the Post Office this morning and it will be winging it's way to you!

    Shirley in Canada

    Exciting! Have you "crazies" bookmarked to follow along!

    pat sloan

    we are going to have a blast!

    Janelle Nelson

    Fun! I did a round robin with my quilt guild years ago. I real growing experience! We kept journals too to pass on with the project.

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