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    03 October 2010


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    So many great ideas!!! I love it!


    love the little pumpkins in the chandalier...


    Lots of good ideas, thanks for sharing!

    Leslie Schmidt

    Are their minds just exploding with ideas? Wow, doing one tenth of what they showed would overwhelm my puny brain. Very neat.

    Big Rig John

    Great place and great ideas - Martha Stewart could learn a thing or two from them!


    Gorgeous pictures, which I lived near so I could go there.

    Sew Create It - Jane

    Wish I lived closer...a party at that place looks like a blast!


    That's a party I wanna go to!


    you gave me some new ideas to use this year!

    sue bennett

    wow what a wonderful party. You did good.


    Pumpkin Bowling??? How fun!!!! I never would have thought of that.
    Looking at your pictures makes me want to go to a Halloween party now.

    Sandra Cudd

    My my my...what a fun & interesting place to see. Great ideas for fall & Halloween decorating. Thanks for sharing. Now it is time to head on over to the next blogger for more great ideas!


    Love the pumpkin bowling idea!

    Mary Grace McNamara

    Wow, what a party!



    Yes, wait for the grandchildren, that way when you get tired you can just send them home. Grandchildren are so much fun.
    I think Bachmans is so cool. Anothe place to visit on my list.

    Wendy N.

    Those decorations are awesome! I'll bet your kids today would enjoy a good Halloween party!


    Wow! That must have been some party! Pumpkin bowling, haha, all I could think of was what a mess once the big boys start playing!

    Kristi Van Os

    You have provided some wonderful ideas today = thanks!

    Bonnie Nyquist

    Wonderful pictures!! Thanks for this Blog Hop!! Bonnie Nyquist bonniesline at aol dot com

    Lee Ann L.

    Fun place! Thanks for sharing. :-)


    Another set of wonderful fall ideas! Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing!

    Cindy Carlson

    Roseann, You've shared so many fun, beautiful and entertaining pictures from Bachmans that it'd be neat to meet the creative minds that do the decorating there. They're artists for sure.

    Deanna  Bassett

    Great idea's!

    enjoying my first blog hop with all you gals!


    What a fabulous place. Terry was mentioning it as well. I would get dizzy with all the fabulous ideas!


    Thank you so much for sharing all your photos from Bachman's. Wish I could go thru the house. HUGS... and stitches

    Kelly Ann

    or have a party and invite all your peeps...

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