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02 December 2010


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Linda P

Love the cookie cutter chandelier also - I have a wooden tree with cutters on it, and the rest in a huge red wire basket. Love them!! Now, I'm slapping my head too - my little girls were here for Thanksgiving, and we forgot to measure them - we did start one, right next to my desk. I love looking at it!! I especially love the ones that they measured & wrote on the frame. We have it on the door frame. :)


Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures - I feel like I'm seeing the idea house without going there, it certainly brings back good memories and a smile with all their fun ideas.

Mary Ann

Oh my goodness, my childhood redux! Although thsi is so much more artful. We'd all fight over the chandelier. Thanks for a wonderful trip with my coffee!

Leslie Schmidt

I know "the good old days" weren't always good, but looking at those pictures brought back so many sweet, sad memories of my childhood. I wish I could recapture some of those experiences for my kids. Love the old window frames!

Bobbi D

Another trip down memory lane! I have some of those old cookie cutters....who would have thought of turning them into a chandelier!Can't wait to see what other pictures you have for next timwe


Oh, Wow. That mixer is what caught my eye too. I have a Sunbeam mixer just like that! My mother and grandmother each had one. When my mother upgraded to a Kitchenaid mixer, I inherited her Sunbeam. We made lots and lots of cookies with that mixer when we were growing up!


Oh my, you brought a tear to my eye when I saw the picture with the Sunbeam mixer. My Mom used to have one just like that. It later got updated to a Kitchen I have the new one now, but I would give anything to have her old Sunbeam (just for sentimental reasons. The pictures of that other kitchen with the old windows is aqmazing! Image being able to cook in a fun kitchen like that. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.


Oh my I love that Kitchen. Look at all the great ideas!! Thanks

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