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    27 April 2011


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    all thesae years I've been redworking and never thought to combine applique and redwork... another project to dream about thanks from Australia.

    Cathy Eystad

    Wow! This is one wonderful blog post. I am an avid redwork stitcher so to see these is a real treat. I guess we learn one thing from your trip, be sure to stitch what the quilt is for, i.e fundraiser, anniversary ect, on the back in the label. Thanks for the photos

    Mrs. DillyDally

    That is over the top inspiring...thanks! If only they could talk. A good reminder that we should all label and document our quilts! Thanks again!

    christine rohloff

    Thank you for sharing the closeups of these.....just wonderful!

    Kathy A

    Those quilts are just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing those special treasures.


    I love redwork and I love your pictures of these quilts. I wish we could find the patterns to those feedsack designs...would be wonderful to stitch. :) Thank you for sharing!

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