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    03 May 2011


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    It was at the red and white show in NYC in March of 2011. It was in the collection of the owner. Good luck trying to find something like this. I've never seen anything like it.


    Dear Rosebud Cottage,

    "The quilt I'll NEVER make!"

    Will you please tell me where you saw the quilt in question? I live in London but I am going to California next year and would love to buy a quilt like that. I imagine it is an antique quilt.

    Many thanks

    Rocky Delafontaine

    I think I know your inspiration for these quilts: the Peruvian design! Well, that was just an observation. They're very unique because of their graphic design and the strong but lovely colors.


    I betchya that was amazing to see! I think the reason this one appeals to me is that it has that connection to quilting tradition ... where people actually made their own fabric and then made it into something. But I also love the idea of it and have been drawing out some things that I feel would speak to me and what I like. So much fun!


    I once saw a quilt at Pacific International that was 2 stories high (huge) and it was a pixelated Mona Lisa in blues....hand pieced from 1/2" pieces (well, 1" unfinished. It was striking, although best viewed from a 2nd floor balcony about 100' away! My thought was, cool but why? why Mona Lisa all in blues? BUT the red and white mosaic is fabulous.

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