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    02 May 2011


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    Leslie Schmidt

    I love hand quilting. In fact, I started quilting after watching Alex Anderson doing it on her show. I have done a little, but it was always such an effort. I couldn't find a thimble that would fit my finger. And after all the counted cross stitch I did, my hands seem to get stiff. But I am going to try it again. I got one of Clovers new thimbles and think it might work. Thanks for the pictures and the close-ups of that fantastic stitching.

    bonnie ellis

    Roseann: Thanks for taking such fantastic pictures of things we love and sharing them with us. Bonnie


    Thanks Jayne! I think in the rush to get things done and move on to the next project, we forget how sitting down with needle and thread really does help us mentally. I know whenever I work on a wool project or am stitching binding my thoughts drift ... and it's the same thing with hand quilting. Following a quilting design sort of lets you paint with thread and it's fun to see the pattern develop as you move through the quilt. Fun fun!!

    Jayne Honnold

    I love hand quilting, and way, way back in the early 1980s, I remember the first machine quilting I saw at a quilt show. It was ugly to me. Today's machine quilters are so much more skilled, creative and detailed. I am even considering getting a quilting machine myself, one of these days. I like the food for thought you've presented here.

    I would be remiss, too, if I didn't pay a tribute to my 94-year-old gramma, who no longer quilts, but who hand-quilted beautifully in her day. She was fast, too! I love that she taught me to appreciate fine workmanship.

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