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    23 October 2011


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    debnquilt Debbie Kelly

    I Love your shop


    What a wonderful place to just BE! It makes me feel good just to look at the pictures.

    Leslie Schmidt

    Wow, if I had a group of friends, I would love to go there. But on second thought, I'd be too intimidated to set foot in the store. I love the idea of using that Ghastlies print for the table topper. It's one of those fabrics that I find really neat, but I don't know what I'd do with it. Now I know!

    Mary Ellen Boynton

    It's a great store. Did they tell you that they named it Olive Juice because the shape of your mouth looks like I Love You when you say it?

    Elli Molstad

    We had so much fun doing the project which you brought. The center medallions were darling and your pattern was very easy to do. We love Olive Juice because of it's great fabric selection and because of the classroom space which is spacious with lots of natural light.


    What a lovely shop! I'm on my way to Wisconsin for retreat this weekend. I will need to make a side trip with the girls, I'm driving!


    OK...this works. Guess I wasn't awake earlier??


    I would love to see that shop! Am going to try and post this comment.

    Cathy Eystad

    I am in love!!! I could spend a whole weekend in this lovely shop. PS I want some Ghastlies fabric!

    Kelly Ann

    Gotta say if I lived there Olive Juice Quilts would be my quilt stinkin' cute...

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