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    26 October 2011


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    I wish I had occasional stores where I'm from. I'd love to go window shopping and see different things every month. Seeing the same thing over and over again is boring.


    Thanks for posting info on Patina.....with all your great pics, I just had to visit this past weekend. Never knew Buffalo had such cute shops - I made an entire day of it. I cannot wait to go back!!!

    Cindi P.

    Thanks for the information!!! I went there this morning for the November sale and it was fantastic!! The people there were so friendly too...It will be a monthly experience!!!

    Leslie Schmidt

    I have never been to Buffalo, MN, but this would sure be a reason to venture forth. I am so much into a vintage kick lately. Must be an indication that my life is growing shorter. I'm revisiting my childhood!


    I love all the clever merchandising and pops of color!

    Nadine Woodraska

    Looks so cute, and fun! Wished I lived closer I would take a bus ride with you!

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