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25 November 2011


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I'm happy for Heidi. She opened a store that she probably always wanted to run. Good for her.

Pam Hansen

Heidi,I just found out u have a great store in Conrad. I can hardly wait to come. You were at my house two years ago and painted ur barn quilt, "Hens and Chicks". U had the vision of this then. Congratulations, Pam H.


I was just there a few weeks ago and so much has changed already! I can't wait to go back.

Heidi Kaisand

Thsnk you Roseann for being a part of my Grand Opening. I'm so lucky to have such creative friends.

Karen Beigh

There seems to be a little bit of everything to interest us quilters. And displayed so well.

Cathy Eystad

Wow! I cannot wait to make a visit to Heidi's shop. I could easily spend a long weekend the nest :)

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