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05 January 2012


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Thank you so much for these extra informational posts. I really like your design. My mother brought me up with, "It needs to look as good on the back as on the front," so I know how that is! Hers was still much neater than mine. =) I can't afford a whole set of the thread at once, but every place I find aurifil here just has the regular sewing thread. =P There's a cross-stitch store I'm going to check, and that's my last hope!


this is a cute snowbird

Lori Smith

It's so cute!

Carrie P.

thanks for all the tips. I hope to stitch this sweet bird.

Donna R. Shelby,nc

I have ordered my first Aurifil thread, but I could use more anytime....I love the bird...thanks so much for all the tips.....


Ohmygosh Roseann! Your block is ADORABLE! Love Love LOVE it!!!


Love it! But I don't know where to get the 12wt thread. I've been looking and can't find it. Any suggestions?

Julie Stewart

Super Cute, Roseanne! Love, love, love the colors, and ya know, 'put a bird on it' is a term I love!

Hilary Frye

Cute! I like the varied blues.

Judy from Idaho all the tips and your block..this will be different and fun....


Can't wait to get started. Just waiting for the thread kit!


I love it!


oh! so Cute!!! Have mine printed out and ready to stitch! Now I know what I will be working on next month in MN, when I see you! ( hope that works out!)

Pat Sloan

love all the tips!!!

Mrs. DillyDally

Love it and am sew excited for you! I will be contacting you for supplies and such!

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