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    07 April 2012


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    I've been using these for years now. Where have you all been? In fact, I would count them as one of my top 5 tools.


    Donna ... the Fork Pins are so much more delicate than a T-pin ... they function in a totally different way. You need to get a pack! I only use a few at a time but have them stuck in every pincushion. They're kind of bendy though so you need to be a little careful with them. But they are perfect for piecing.

    Regarding Sizzix vs GO ... Sizzix has so many more advantages. I like the way the dies are laid on the base ... they are affordable ... even the machine. I use it for cotton and wool ... lots of wool! And they are coming out with a bunch of new quilting dies. Sizzix would be my first choice. Call the store if you have more questions about them.

    Donna Pheneger

    Good Morning and a Happy Easter to you. I've seen those fork pins before but never knew what to use them with. Thank you for telling us about them. Still don't get those T-pins but that's another story!
    I've heard of others who use the Sizzix instead of the Accuquilt Go. Does it work as well?

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