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    23 October 2012


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    Blog SomeDaySomeSay

    Good day! I just wanted to remark the fact that you truly managed to make a magnificent blog. I also wanted to ask you something considering your blog. Do you run in any blogging competitions?


    Cultural Cloth has been there for a bit ... I love the philosophy of the store. I can't believe you couldn't find any quilt stores ... there are all kinds of them hidden away along the river. They may not be the biggest shops around but they are very cool with things you don't find everywhere else.

    Karen O

    I wonder if we were in Cultural Cloth the same day. I couldn't believe it when I took the fall drive down WI 35 and found that shop in that little town! It wasn't there a few years ago on my last drive. I tried in vain to figure out if there were any quilt shops to go to that day, so I am happy to have some info for 'next time'. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

    Kathy Norquisst

    This is a fabulous narrative with your as usual great photos. I am in suburban Philadelphia, but busy with grandchildren, etc, and have not seen one quilt shop!

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