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    09 August 2013


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    Stephanie in MI

    I love books, too. I have lots. I love new books, old books, classics, modern. I have a problem with books. :-)

    Susan in OK

    I am having fun seeing all the inspirations of each quilter. I don't seem to have any of the ones you specifically mentioned. However, with the size of your book stash and my book stash, I imagine we have several books in common. I think I spotted a couple of your shelves. Thanks for participating and sharing some new-to-me books.

    Anne Beier

    I love seeing the books that inspired other quilters. Thanks for sharing.

    Carole S.

    Thank you for sharing all your favorites! I'm with you on the vintage books - everyone needs a few of those, just to remind us where our art came from, so we remember to pass it on.

    Lee Ann L.

    Wow! that library looks like mine! When I moved, I forced myself to wean a few out; but, I still have a lot of books! It's hard to give them up. :-)

    Thanks for sharing your favorites!

    Joyce Mitchell

    I bought the BHG Complete Guide to Quilting when I first started & it's still my go-to book. In this blog-hop, I've learned there's a new edition of it, so I might have to replace it. Thanks.

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