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April 2007

Inspiration Everywhere!

I'm a firm believer that you can find something inspiring just around the corner. Imagine how delighted I was when I came across this shoe display at a department store in Des Moines! We don't have Von Maur stores where I live ... even though every store under the Sun seems to be at the Mall of America. What a great store ... fun products ... but even cooler displays. I hope no one noticed how many pictures I was taking ... wouldn't want them to think I was a spy or anything but boy oh boy were they beautiful. The store reminds me of my beloved Dayton's ... flowers in the lobby ... polished furniture ... well mannered staff quietly directing me to departments I was interested in. The shoe and purse departments were especially inspiring. Look at these shoes with the flower print ... wouldn't those color combos be great for a quilt? Over in tote, they had a grouping lined up in Folk Art flavors of mustard, deep red, olive green and dark blue ... just the colors I love! And another sweet one for prom ... black, pink and white ... so darling. So next time you're out shopping, open your eyes and look around ... your next quilt might be just around the corner!