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Yo-Ho Yo-Ho ... a pirate's life for me!

There are things in my life that I just can't help but notice. Observing is yet another hobby of mine.  And there are things I see that I've seen before that always catch me by surprise when I see them again. One of them is this sail boat at the marina on White Bear Lake here in Minnesota. The docks are right out the front doors of Kowalski's ... my favorite grocery store in the world! Many mornings ... but not every one because it's not good to have too many good things at once ... I'll stop into Kowalski's for a Starbucks ... one of the great things about this store. When I leave, I try to stop just for a minute and enjoy the view of the lake. It helps me get ready for the day. And every year, when I first notice it, this always cracks me up ... probably more so right now as I just saw the Pirate movie. There's a sailboat out there bobbing up and down ... flying the Jolly Roger! It makes my day the first time I see it each season and now I look for it every time I'm at the store. It's funny, but when I mention it to people, no one has every noticed it before ... but they do now! Seems like they're just like me ... once they see it they can't help but see it each time. One of those small little details that make up the happy moments of my life.

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What's on YOUR shelf?

One of my favorite things to do is peek into my friends' workrooms and see what kind of fun stuff they have on their shelves.  They always apologize for the mess but I never view it that way. I look at it as potential ... or a glimpse into the past. On their shelves are their memories ... odds and ends from projects they've made as a gift ... that collection of supplies just waiting for the right moment to be used. How do they sort ... what kind of quirky things have they stored there that gives a snapshot of their personality?

Well ... I have lots of shelves! Some are hidden away ... I wouldn't want anyone to think I have too much stuff ... even though I do! I can't help it ... I have lots of interests. Some of them are out in the open where the public can see. Because my workroom is in my store, it's fair game for viewing. I often find customers just standing there looking. And while they are, I'm worrying about what they're thinking. But I can't help it ... when I create I need it all spread out before me. And I need certain things within reach. And I have to have those special things that make me happy out there for the days I need a smile inside.
So what's on my shelf? Dressforms ... I somehow started a collection of these and now have four. I'd love to have a full size one but not sure I can justify that ... but mostly because I haven't met one I love intensely yet. Glass glitter from my pal Diana at Splinters and Rags ... I need more colors ! And I love that little Annie stuffed into one of those Jello molds from when we were kids. My friend Gail painted the witch on the globe for me the year she knew I wanted to paint my own but couldn't find time. And the Muddy Sheep banner that Chris made for me for my birthday a couple of years ago ... it celebrates our wool club with the same name. Pincushions. You can't have too many ... I have two of the strawberry ones ... the twin is hanging at the other end of the button garland ... and the patchwork chicken one ... and the make-do from Val with a sampler stitched on the front ... and right next to that one of those crocheted sewing pincushion things they made in the 40s. Ya ... pincushions are another obsession! My friend Jane made the tags with my 5th grade mug on them to celebrate a special birthday ... that makes me happy because she had to sneak all around me to get those pics but had a partner in crime, my sister Sue. The memory of that just makes me all happy inside! And what else ... oh ... the button garland was part of a swap online ... it extends through the middle of the shelf and all the way to the other end ... it was a cool thing to find in the box! The calendar in the background ... that's the December page of American Patchwork and Quilting's 2008 calendar ... my page ... I love designing for them.

What you can't see ... this shelf extends for quite a ways! I had to take three shots to get it all in ... left  middle and right. I don't know how I'll pack it up and move it when the day comes ... each piece that's been placed on it means something to me. But like anything else in life, what's important today is just tomorrow's memory. Something else always fills up the space. For the time being, though, I'm just going to enjoy the view!