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Autumn at the Cottage

Over at Rosebud's Cottage, the colors of Fall really are perfect for the look of the store.  Now I know some people refer to us as a 'brown' store ... but at this time of year, our colors are positively vibrant! All those deep reds, golds and greens that we love the rest of the time get to be paired with purple, orange and brown ... then twisted around into some fabulous projects!

FallpouchI love this Fall pouch ... I made it late it while on vacation at Itasca Park so it has that special memory for me.  I cut the pieces out on my AccuCut die cut machine, then stitched them down with easy running stitches or X's and buttonholed that baby together.  It was so fast to make!

This project was very popular at the State Fair ...  can't decide if it just has that certain appeal ... or if it's because we cut everything out so all our customers have to do is thread the needle!  Quilters going on a retreat have been picking them up for a handworked project.  One woman who was in last week was going to a weekend get-away at a cabin without electricity!! ... and needed something that she could just stitch without getting ready.  That's sure a throw back to an earlier time ... but then again, we do specialize in that colonial America look so I guess it all works, right?  Quilting by candlelight just like great-grandma.

Last Spring I made a pouch that was just so sweet . A little wool chick surrounded by lavender and pink tulips embellished with beads.  Adorable!

For the Harvest Sampler Shop Hop ... going on right now from October 4 thru the 13th ... we all had to have a project with a free pattern for the hoppers. I've had my idea for a few months but was missing a couple key ingredients ... namely time and the right fabric. So on Tuesday when our UPS guy finally dropped off the boxes, I was able to get going. Thankfully, it all went together easily ... thanks to those wonderful drafting skills of yours truly ... and the outstanding quilting skills of Chris and Bobbi.
-N-Whirl is made with just some basic blocks ... Flying Geese and a Pinwheel ... but the stitching technique makes it so easy ... even a newbie quilter could make it! What we love is that when you stand back, it looks like propellers ... or the gold jumps out for a 3-D effect ... or it looks like a curved block ... it all depends on your perspective I guess!

The fabric I was waiting for is Destiny from Red Rooster.  It has  those more vivid primitive colors that are becoming popular ... the blues are wonderful ... great paisleys and flowers ... rusty reds. It was hard to choose which pieces to use!

Bobbi loved this block soooo much that she bought yardage of the new Look and Learn fabric we just got in from Moda.  It's one of those 50's kids fabrics that everyone is squealing over.  I enlarged the block to 10" for her so that she could make it as a baby quilt for her daughter. I guess the fact that mom-to-be isn't married and really isn't serious about her current boyfriend is irrelevant ... she just loved the fabric so much!  Gotta love those grandma's who think ahead.

Imgp1379Here's are the Petal Pincushions I made with Look and Learn last Spring. They're in the December issue of American Patchwork and Quilting.  The ones on the left are more Christmas color combos ... but my favorites are the ones other set.  Who doesn't love polka dots and stripes and wonky flowers all jumbled together?  For me that line looks so much like the aprons all my mom and her sisters wore everyday ... that June Cleaver appeal that makes you feel safe and warm and comfortable.   Makes you want to pull out a cookbook and bake a cake. Well ... these pincushions really are as easy as whipping up a treat ... I used my favorite tool ... the Clover Yo-Yo Maker ... to do the yo-yo's that embellish the top.  I love how you can stack these  or use them by themselves. Laura Boenke made them into ornaments for the color option in the magazine ... that would be a great gift ... sewing buddies could tie them on to their sewing basket to keep their pins and needles tidy.

Ok ... so that's it with my little slide show for the moment. Can you tell I was going through my photo files?  So many to choose from ... so much to talk about!!


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Ila Fast

I love the Petal Pincushions and would love to have the pattern. Do you know how I can get the pattern? I love your projects. Thanks!

Heidi Kaisand

I love all of your projects! The fall one is too cute.

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