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I just can't get away from my work!

On Monday, my friend Liz and I had made arrangements to drive to Iowa so we could visit one of the new Quilt Sampler shops ... Red Bird in Lansing. It had been raining buckets all night long and was pouring down when it was time for me to leave to pick her up ... plus the weather guy on channel five was saying to expect flash floods in the area we were traveling through. So ... I wimped out.

But then I called Liz back and suggested we just drive along the southern edge of the Twin Cities to visit a few shops I've wanted to see. Liz is always up for a quilting road trip so we were good to go. Picked her up and we headed down the interstate ... after getting Starbucks, of course!

We were so sad to see the first shop was closed on Monday. It looked adorable inside ... we pressed our noses really tight up against the windows to see what we were missing. Back out on the highway ... taking a few wrong turns in the country and laughing about maybe we should have brought a map! We had directions ... we were just not quite paying attention because of all the chatting.  The scenery was beautiful ... but inspite of all our attempts, we couldn't locate the second shop. Very disappointing.  We're striking out. On a third shop ... Eagle Creek in Shakopee ... great place in a railroad depot ... classy classy place. I want to move in. Chatted with the owners for a bit and then took off to our fourth shop ... and of course ... we were lost again! But look what we found on the way!  Doesn't this place just scream Autumn in Minnesota? So cute ...

Imgp1474_2Back on the road we finally found our way ... only to be side tracked by detours. We ended up getting to Waconia and had a fabulous lunch. There were a number of places we could have chosen but Liz picked the one called the Green Door ... or was it the Red Door ... I can't remember.  But I do remember how great it was to finally be out of the car and relaxing. We were starved! And this was a wonderful place ... fresh green side salad along with our sandwiches ... yum!

Lucky for us we had seen the quilt shop on our way into town so we knew how to get there.  The place was pretty busy because the Harvest Sampler shop hop is going on. {Did I mention that MY store was involved in the same shop hop and I decided to play hooky from it? Deb's gonna kill me when she finds out why I left her with all those people that day!!} Heavenly Patchwork was a cute store ... giant windows ... tons of flannel. Liz can't resist the baby flannels ... she is an extremely generous person and makes baby quilts for her employees. She had a stack of those to cut and the makings for another quilt from a line of Moda fabric. The shop owner had just let her employee go home to get her kids off the bus and we all walked in.  There was an empty cutting table. So look what happened ... Imgp1477I wasn't in my own store cutting fabric ... I was in someone else's store!  {Notice my purse still hanging on my shoulder.}I just can't seem to get away from work, can I? It makes me laugh thinking about it and is such a happy memory of a day off from work.  I know our initial plans didn't happen but that phrase 'making lemonade from lemons' is very appropriate here. I still had a well-deserved day off ... I got to hang out with someone I like ... I had a chance to enjoy quilt shops I've wanted to visit ... it was just a grand day all around. I sure hope Liz agrees.  {Look how cool that polka dot fabric is ... how couldn't she have a great day??} It'll probably be a million years before I get another day off ... and I sure hope I'll eventually be able to get down to Lansing to visit Red Bird.  Something to dream about I guess.


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Jan Klingler

When I read your blog, I thought of Jeff Foxworthy and his redneck jokes. How can you tell you are a fabricaholic? When you find yourself in someone else's store cutting fabric. Grin. Have a wonderful day. Enjoyed your blog.
Jan/Pa USA

Heidi Kaisand

Red...green...Yellow Bird in Lansing looks wonderful...I want to go, too! Maybe we should meet there. P.S. I'm envious of a wonderful day off to go shop hopping!


Ok ... here's the deal ... next time you know you're coming, give me a heads up and I'll drive you around to some of these places. We were disappointed not to get into the one in Lonsdale ... it looked so cute inside and she had great samples right inside the door. You really should come for the Minnesota shop hop in August ... Moda is the fabric company again ... Terry Atkinson is working with the metro shops on a pattern and there are all kinds of other cool behind the scenes things perculating ... it's gonna rock ... you'll want to be here!


I can' t believe I haven't been to any of those shops on my MN visits! I've done that as well, get to a store and just jump in to help... always kind of funny!! You look so cute there, its been too long since I've seen you! I love Minnesota and all the wonderful family and friends and places to go!!

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