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Cakesmithkermes2My little boy Alex ... cute kid on the right with the short hair ... is into his third year as a  member of the Marines Corp Reserves. Now, as a veteran {I served during Vietnam} of both the Army and later, the Air Force Reserves, I have to say that I've begun to realize that the Marine march to the beat of  a different drummer. They don't always make sense  to me ... or maybe I should say they don't do anything like the Air Force does! Alex trains at the air base I did as a reservist so it's hard not to compare.

Aside from how they choose time to train ... which seems really wonky to me ... no set weekend schedule, for instance, so a person can plan ... they don't eat like the Air Force or Army does.  We had a chow hall we could utilize, or the NCO Club or Officer's Club for lunch, or we could go off the base to a restaurant. Alex's version ... "they feed us when they remember" ... sometimes they get MRE's {Meals Ready to Eat} which aren't really that appealing.  As a mom, I'm concerned ... what do you mean you didn't feed my little boy!!!

So this past weekend Alex and his friend Smith {on the left no first name because apparently they don't have them} cooked for the unit ... hundreds of people. Not sure if they volunteered so they'd have a meal or to get out of something they didn't want to do. I  found this pretty entertaining as I've never seen Alex make anything that didn't require a microwave. {I'm a failure in the motherhood department on this matter.} Breakfast burritos, BBQ chicken, spaghetti ... I was amazed at what they turned out from their kitchen. But their most impressive piece of work was The Cake.

They made marble cake for Sunday dinner. I'm guessing there was more than one pan as the group is rather large. Not sure if they decorated all of them like this, though. They were excited enough about their work to preserve it for the future by recording it on a camera.  The design ... well let's just say it doesn't make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like roses and flowers would ... but it IS well done.  The thing I don't get ... how on earth did they get the frosting to be that black??? I've decorated a few cakes in my time and have never been able to get  anything but grey. 

I'm impressed by their work and it cracks me up because I know they were having a good time together. Nothing like working in the kitchen to bond a group of soldiers together!  Do you think they had to do the dishes, too???


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Roseann! You're right they are so cute! what a crazy cake though!

He's right about eating too, my mother feeds will more food than he ever wants because she doesn't think the marines feed him enough, it's not like they are training for war or anything, mom! (hehe) they are all wonderful boys!! I will show will, he remembered the cake when I told him about it!

happy zombie

I'm a vet too (Navy) and we too would dine like you did. Of course I was in a SeaBee unit, so it was more like "We build, We Fight, We Karaoke".

No one eats better then the Coast Guard though. At least when my DH was stationed on a cutter... all those Alaska patrols mean only one thing - fresh caught Halibut for lunch.

Your son is so adorable!

Heidi Kaisand

Well, first your little boy is not so little. And, since he's the only one I haven't met yet...it's fun to see pictures. And, how did they get the frosting so black!

Heidi Kaisand

Well, first your little boy is not so little. And, since he's the only one I haven't met yet...it's fun to see pictures. And, how did they get the frosting so black!

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