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Well ... all across America, designers and manufacturers are doing the last mintue scramble ...  getting ready for thousands of shop owners to give the nod of approval to the projects and ideas they've been slaving over for months.  Quilt Market starts on Friday at 9AM!  And even when they aren't actually going to market, they're still working up to the last minute with new stuff to send to the distributors. Case in point ... Terry Atkinson's Winner's Bouquet!
Winners_bouquetI've been watching this develop for months ... since June or so ... it was sort of like seeing someone going through the stages of pregnancy ... and now the birth! Terry's had this idea forever  ... her inspiration is  an antique quilt she's had for over 15 years ... waiting for the moon and stars to align in order to make it into a pattern. It sort of has the Orange Peel look to it but because of the placement of the lights and darks, the name was called Winner's Bouquet ... Terry liked how the lobes looked like flowers. I know she struggled with how to make it without templates but finally caved and found someone who could make her some that were perfectly cut. And the hard work paid off ...  a project that is easy to cut and sew ... even for beginners! I love when I can sew a curved seam using only one pin.
Imgp1358Look what you can do with it ... instead of joining the finished blocks into a quilt or wall hanging, you can set them side by side for a fabulous table runner. This one was huge. Terry hosted a shop owner's workshop this summer at a retreat house in Wisconsin.  It was a chance for them to stitch new patterns into shop samples ... and to get a preveiw of what was coming from Atkinson Designs. As her helper, one of the fun things I got to do was set the table each day.  The table in this case was seven feet long! You can imagine how long this runner truly is!! In the center of the blocks, Terry put yo-yo's ... using the Clover Yo-Yo Maker, of course. Done in the 30's repro fabrics, it was as sweet and delightful as can be. Look at this table scape as  a springboard for your next luncheon to celebrate the birthdays of your quilting friends. Up on the cake plate are fabric rolled cupcakes as party favors ... cute as can be.   Fun fun fun!! Makes me want to throw a party!


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Winner's Bouquet has been available since last Fall I think. We've had the templates for awhile.


is this a pattern? it is beautiful

happy zombie

Hi Roseanne! Why did it take me so long to find your blog??? Love it... and now I need to catch up.

So pretty is the table (and the runner)! And that's my kind of cake!

Heidi Kaisand

Beautiful stuff! I love the cake plate.

Terry Atkinson

Hey - that table reminds me of the great meals we had . . . can't wait for more of Jason's amazing food!


Hi Roseann! Love Terry's stuff, and can't wait to try this out. See you at market I hope!

pat sloan

added you to my friends list!

hugs.... Pat

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