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What a dish!

Imgp1276I just love dishware! When I was sixteen, I started collecting a set of china through the savings dividends at my bank. By the time I was 20, I had a place settings for 12 people, carefully packed away at my mom and dad's house.  I must have had a lot of $$$ in the bank!

Fast-forward to my time spent in the Army on the east coast. I had a set of Hull Pottery ... puchased at the Williamsburg Pottery and used for everyday. They were heavy, dark brown and very early American looking. I loved them to death. Part way through my tour of duty in Virginia, I discovered Phaltzgraf's Yorktowne design. Well gee ... I had to have those as a souvenir didn't I? I bought them piece by piece at this little pottery shop in Yorktown ... I loved that town and was so disappointed that the shop was gone when I visited last summer. But I had accumlulated yet another set of dishware that I loved {later in life I wish I had collected the Folk Art design but oh well ... they just didn't have the right name}.  Let's see ... I have three sets of dishes now and I was about 23 years old. Hmmm. 

Moving along in life ... like five years or so down the road ...  Bob and I are getting serious ... and he has dishes, too!  His everyday dishes were nothing to write home about ... but he did have this wonderful set he inherited from an elderly aunt in Blue Earth MN. They were handpainted pinecones and berries on a cream background with a silver edge. So pretty and perfect for Thanksgiving! And then the Air Force {I joined the reserves after my stint with the Army} sent me to England for two weeks of training ... right in the heart of the Wedgewood china area. Newly married and anticipating children, I picked up sweet little place settings for the nursery, including little teacups, a creamer and sugar bowl. Adorable! Can't remember how I got that all back in a duffel bag. Christmas rolls around and Bob decides we really should have a set of holiday dishes because we entertained so much. We picked the line from Phaltzgraf again ... but should we have done Spode instead? Too late ... we have place settings for 12.

I've lost count ... how many is this now?

We used my Yorktown dishes for everyday ... until the summer we went to Itasca State Park and they were selling the dishware from Douglas Lodge in the gift shop! No more coveting the pieces we saw in the dining room ... we could have our own for every day ... complete with Minnesota's state flower, the lady slipper, AND the seal of the state of Minnesota ... all on the same place. Yorktown got packed away and the Itasca dishes are in the cupboard.

Somewhere along the line I picked up a set of dishes that belonged to my Grandma Waldoch ... can't believe none of my cousins wanted them when the Aunts were clearing out Grandma's house  ... they're so pretty and have darling little flowers and that crackled finish ... well used by the adults at family holidays ... kids weren't allowed to touch them!

Early this Spring, we came into owning yet another set of dishes ... the pretty group in the pic above. Bob's siblings were finally clearing out his folk's home and they found these dishes wrapped in layers of newspaper and packed into four suitcases. Bob's dad was from Uniontown PA and he and my MIL  went there each summer to visit his spinster sisters. It looks like they brought a little piece of home back with them to Minnesota each time!! The newspapers were dated over a number of years. We think they belonged to Bob's grandparents. They're in perfect shape ... and included in the suitcases were all of the wine and water goblets, too. What a treasure! Serving for 12 including soup bowls with little handles.  We unpacked them all and used them for the first time for Easter dinner with our boys.  Such a pretty table!

And did you notice the gold plated eating utensils? Ya ... those came with Bob. Don't ask how many other settings we have. Or about the glassware.  Or the linens.

I'm so glad my sisters gave my mom's china to my neice. Whew!


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Just had to let you know that I have the same set! My mom chose this as her china when she got married (1941) and we always used them for "fancy" dinners, many happy memories. Mom passed away in 1996 and I inherited the china, which I will always treasure. I hope you enjoy yours as much!!

Heidi Kaisand

And, I thought I had a dish thing!


This is why you're in the military ... and I'm not any more. I don't think we'll ever be able to move!


Oh Roseann, they all sound beautiful, but the thought of MOVING that many dishes every two years! ugh....Maybe when we end up in the "forever" house, wherever that may be....I'm so glad you are posting regularly-you have a way with words....


I love the stories of all those dishes! They all sound beautiful.

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