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Woo hoo ... a new quilting tool!


Who doesn't love to be on the 'cutting edge' when it comes to quilting tools??? Well I know I do ... so here's a shameless commercial for OLFA's newest gotta-have gadget. The Quick Change Rotary Cutter isn't quite in the market yet ... I had to beg my local distributor to get some in because the customers I was letting pet mine were drooling on it. Once again, I'm sitting by the door waiting for the UPS guy. Chris loves it so much that everytime I'm searching to find it, I usually locate it in her hands. {Hey look ... that's her hand in the pic!} I sure hope she didn't take it home with her today!


So why do we like it so much? A couple of reasons ... you can cut with it in your left hand and then hand it off to your friend who can cut with her right hand. You don't have to flip the blade around to get it right. Fabulous engineering!


The handle is very comfy ... a little thicker so it's easier to hold. It has grips on it. But here's another reason we like it ... it's not called the Quick Change for nothin'! The blade drops off instead of having to unscrew the pieces ... and then remembering the right order to put the cutter back together.


We managed to get our hands on this cool product before the competition sees it at Quilt Market. And yes ... I've shared the info with a few close quilt shop owner friends so I wouldn't look greedy ... but I hope I get mine before they do! $29.99. Coming to a Cottage near you ...


{Did ya see the frosted ruler in the background? Next time you see me, ask why we love that product, too! Why have they been such a secret?}



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I would think so ... time to update and get the latest and greatest before your friends do! How often do you buy one of these things anyway ... I know I have my first one tucked away somewhere. We probably have a dozen in use at the Cottage. They have a 60mm cutter coming out next Sping, too.


Wow, now this looks like a reason to change from my 15 year old rotary cutter!

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