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A Christmas Story

Look what we have in the Cottage ... just in time for the holidaze and right off the boat from Australia!

We love Hatched and Patched  sooo much because  of the totally different look they have.  I ordered a bunch of their Christmas patterns, this fabulous book and the Garden Journal book for right now. Oh ... and the darling sewing bag ... gotta have that!

And while it's a little bit too late to do the Christmas Story quilt for 2007, here's a heads up for you ... we'll be doing this as a project of the month beginning in February. Chris is beside herself with the fun of putting this quilt together. I peeked in her drawer last night to see how far she's gotten.  Oooooo ... so exciting seeing the fabric cut and yearning for the sewing machine!!

If you can't wait for the class to start and want some fast projects that you could still make for this year, stop in and check out the other things in this book as well as the ornament patterns and mini wall quilts ... you could have them done just in the Nick of time!

Old Fashioned good times in North St Paul!


Every suburb wishes for it ... but we have it right here in North St Paul ... a great downtown area that's perfect  for events we remember as kids ... such as the Old Fashioned Christmas the merchants in town are providing this Saturday.

Here's a  little Rosebud secret ... that darling kid at the top of my blog? She grew up shopping in North St Paul. In fact, the bride doll that I got when I was six years old came from the variety store that used to be in the exact same location as Rosebud's Cottage is today! How cool is that? Great Karma all around.

North St Paul has changed a lot over time. You may not be shopping at Miller's Shoes and Clothing any longer ... but you could probably find a treasure from your past at Tracy Luther Auctions who occupies that spot now. Other interesting stores live in the buildings that used to occupy Ben Franklin, the bakery, the hardware store. But the thing that has stayed the same over the years is the small town charm that North St Paul has. 

So on December 1st, let the merchants of North St Paul help you capture the spirit of the season with our Old Fashioned Christmas.  If you had a wonderful time last year, you'll be able to double your fun this time around! It's truly going to be a community event you won't want to miss.

Start out with Santa's Brunch at K&J Catering,  complete with the the North High Jazz Band ... then enjoy a country hay wagon ride, free holiday crafts at the businesses from one o'clock until five {we're offering  cute Christmas tree ornaments to decorate!}, photos with Santa at the town tree and then the official lighting of the  tree at 5PM,  with the men's choir caroling  and the mayor present {who in my mind has the personality and sort of the look of a REAL Santa ... LUV YA Mayor Sandberg!!}.

Feeling charitable ... and who doesn't this time of year ... you can donate non-perishable items to the food shelf or the toy shelf. Bins will be at the hay ride and local businesses.

I know you won't want to miss a single thing so you can find all the details at the North St Paul Community Events  web site. Actually, you can discover lots of cool activities on that site!

Can't wait to see you and all the kids on Saturday!

No Coast Craft-O-Rama!

If you're looking for me on Friday afternoon, this is where you'll find  me!


I can't wait for this craft show and am planning my entire week around it.  It's my motivation to get my work done.

Everything at this show is unique ... hand made ... original and often kind of out there. I love seeing what there is being offered for sale and am on the hunt for a few wild  things for gifts this Christmas.

If you go, bring cash because most of the vendors don't accept  credit cards and some won't take checks.

Bring your own tote bag ... they take the green movement to heart here.

Parking is just to the east of the market ... just before you get to Chicago Ave if you're coming from Hiawatha ... just after if you've been at Uptown.  There's a great ramp there so you won't have to park on the street.

Keep an open mind ... some of the artists have a different slant on life!

With the 'global market' atmosphere, you'll find  a bunch of international food vendors ... make sure you take a few minutes to sample what they're selling.

I love this show and can barely wait for Friday afternoon!! Get your work done, too, so you can join me.

Two color tablescapes

BridgecreekcenterpieceWith the holidays coming up ... and eventually snowy Winter here in Minnesota, I thought it would be fun to show you a few decorating ideas. Can't claim these as my own. This photo is taken at Bridge Creek Cottage in Augusta WI where I helped Terry Atkinson with her shop owner's workshop last July.  Terry made this really long runner to fit the 7' table ... we switched to a new tablescape each day so it was really interesting to see how the different runners and decorations altered the look of the table, the meal and the room.

The runner is fromHappy Hour  by Atkinson Designs ... it's an easy pattern designed for beginners. But no matter what skill level you have, it is a wonderful runner to have on hand. All those blue and blue/white fabrics in your stash can be used up! We used milk glass dishware from Terry's collection and filled the bowls and vases with rag balls and fat quarter roses. Wouldn't it look sweet with a string of white and blue lights dancing down the center? I loved all the looks we gave that table during the workshop but I think this  was my favorite because of its simplicity.

Wouldn't this look great on your holiday table??? You can get the book at Rosebud's Cottage ... but you knew that, right?

Ooooooo ... Cyber Monday is coming!

Did you know that Monday is the biggest holiday shopping day online? It's kind of like Black Friday for stores ... and no ... don't expect some kind of online event at Rosebud's Cottage. But ... I do have a little secret that not many people know ... I. Sell. On. Ebay! There ... I've said it ... out of the closet for me.

I belong to a great group of women who sell together as a group ... the Secret Society of Dirty Sisters ... dirty as in liking grungy stuff. But sometimes they like glittery stuff. They're fickle.  If you type SSODS in the search bar on Ebay, our offerings will show up. It's pretty cool seeing what they come up with ...  these gals are way more talented than I am ... I love owning the items they offer. Some of them also sell on etsy ... another selling site where everything listed is hand made.  Kind of arty. Always interesting!

Everyone ... except me ... has been busy making things to put up on ebay and etsy for the holidays.  I want more than I can afford so to save my budget, I thought I'd link you up with the girls.  You can find some of these items here  but I thought I'd show you some photos as teasers ... just so you'll know what you're missing if you decide not to visit SSODS. Wish I could show you everything but you'll need to explore for yourself! That's half the fun.

MicasnowThese glitzy snowmen are from Amy Main of Brainerd MN ... A Main Collection.  Amy's interests run from stitching to scrap booking to altered art. She works in a scrap book store so always has her thumb on the pulse of what's new.  In addition to selling on ebay  Amy sells on etsy  where she has some fabulous tags and other embellished items.  Love her stuff! She's made samples for me at the Cottage and has been on our bus tours ... some of you may know her in person.

Winter_wonderland_tags_3 Out on a Whim is our friend Kathi Robinaugh from West Liberty OH. I've known Kathi online for a million years but we never seem to be able to hook up in person. Some of the SSODS gals meet with her for the Springfield Flea Market in Ohio each May but Quilt Market always interferes for me.  I get soooo jealous over hearing about the fun they've had and the cool things they've picked up ... Kathi knows all kinds of secret places to shop in the area ... one of the girls drives a TRUCK from North Carolina so she has a way to haul her treasures back home! I love her Winter Wonderland tags  in her etsy shop and the interesting items  she has on ebay. Kathi's a member of the Shabby Cottage   design team ... woo hoo!

DollySugar and Spice Make Everything Nice is the motto of Christine Zorn who makes these darling little dolls all dressed up for the holidays!  When I was looking for the perfect baby gift for my friend Heidi's  twin girls, it took me forever to decide which of Chrisi's dolls I would get! I wanted them to resemble each other but not look like identical twins.  When they arrived I could barely wrap them up for the babies ... they were just precious! Chrisi's sweet dollies  wear little tags with cute sayings stamped on to them.  They just make you happy! We're cutting Chrisi some slack this week and not forcing her to list gobs of things because she just got MARRIED and we're all very excited about it. It's the first wedding the group has attended ... well, it was kind of virtual but some of the girls got all dolled up for the event to support the blushing bride. We know as soon as she comes down off of Cloud 9 she'll pull out the stops again and then watch out ... it'll take hours to make a decision on which doll to get!
Ok ... only one more because I need to get to bed! Jenn from Twinkle Hill Studios  is way out of my league and I'm a little bit frightened because I drew her name for the annual Christmas exchange! I'm clueless what to make for her but know I'll love any one of these things she's made!  I love this banner  on ebay but  also would like to have this Winter banner  on etsy.  Or maybe Frost Fairy  would be a better choice.  All beautiful!

I could go on but you need to get over to SSODS and see what the sisters have to offer you.  I know you'll find something!

Oh and a word of warning ... even though Cyber Monday is coming up, don't forget that you might be at work ... don't let the boss catch you!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting ready for Thanksgiving!?!?!?
  May your stuffing be tasty
  May your turkey be plump,
  May your potatoes and gravy
  Have never a lump.
  May your yams be delicious
  And your pies take the prize,
  And may your Thanksgiving dinner
  Stay off of your thighs!

TurkeyHow to bring a few smiles and giggles to your guests faces if you dare!!

Cut aluminum foil in desired shapes.  Arrange turkey in the roasting pan and position foil carefully.  Cook according to secret family traditions and serve!

Bon Appetite!!

Black Friday!

Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is never for the faint of heart ... it takes stamina and perseverance ... and a little bit of craziness, too. Well, I decided I wanted to get in on some of the fun ... you know how I LUV having a sale {remember my Free Paris Hilton event?}.  My biggest problem with the Black Friday sale is that I didn't want to get up early and get out of bed!!

So for all of you who would rather pull the covers over your head instead of being out at 4AM ... or for those who HAVE been out and need just a little bit more ... I'm hosting the BLACK FRIDAY & NOT SO BLACK SATURDAY SALE.  I thought I'd shift some of the fun over to Saturday ... just in case you never make it out of the house until then.

Click on the coupon below and print it out. Then, bring it to the Cottage to save some $$$ on that one thing you've been dying for. Note the store hours ... you really don't think I'll be rolling in at four in the morning, do you?  Trust me ... you don't want to see me before I've been to Starbucks!


Rosebud's 2007 Retreat ... the highlights!!!!

2007_retreat_2_2Man oh man ... it's always over in the blink of the eye ... the fun the laughing the hanging out the good times.  Of all of it, it's the laughing that I remember the most.

This is the second year we've held our retreat at the Sleep Inn Conference Center at 29 Pines.  It's a cool place ... only a little over a year old on Hwy 29 just north of I-94 on the way to Chippewa Falls in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  Great place ... I can't wait to go back next year!

I tried to take a bunch of pictures ... what I wish I had done was take more of all the cool pincushions everyone had. No two were the same ... so much fun to look at and covet.  I was so jealous that one group got this needle case as a gift ... but guess what? One arrived in the mail for me on Saturday ... it's soooo cute and what a souvenir.

Imgp1519One thing I've always hated about group functions is having to wear a name tag. There's something about plastering your name on your chest that just bugs me! {Don't ask me how I feel about being forced to sit in a circle.}

At our retreat, people need to get to know each other because we do Secret Santas!  More on that later. I made these tags for everyone to sit near their sewing area so they could get to know each other.

Imgp1520I found the picture holders at Pier One ... they look like a little ice cube with a wire sticking out of it. The star at the top had a clip to hold the photo.

I used a decorative blade to cut the background paper from one of those great lines by Daisy D's.  Printed everyone's name onto bright white linen paper, punched them out and inked the edges. You should see the font ... it looked like it was stitched. The ladies were squealing! I found these little brads that had pictures of santa or elves or packages ... used them to hold the name to the background. The bells around the base were great colors ... pukey green, hot pink, teal blue. Tied them on with some kind of sparkly stuff and a little ribbon.  The place cards looked so fun sitting in a group on the table ... I wouldn't let anyone take theirs until the whole group had arrived. Didn't want to lose the effect!

Retreat_snowOne of our retreat traditions is that it ALWAYS snows ... every single time. Five years worth of snow! The weather was so mild driving over to Eau Claire, unlike last year when it started sleeting as everyone drove in and then changed to snow that covered everything and kept us stuck inside. 12" last year.

Because it had been so nice, I was surprised  when quilters came running in on Friday morning excited about the snow falling.  When I peeked out, I was shocked to see that it was a total white out ... I had visions of us being stuck in there for days ... and I had some shopping I wanted to do! It stopped almost as quickly as it started and within a few hours was completely gone. It was fun while it lasted and got us all in the mood to sew.

Another one of our retreat traditions is that my sister Sue makes centerpieces for me each year. She'll call me up in the middle of Summer and ask what my theme is going to be ... like I know that far ahead of time! So I mumble something and she watches for something to catch her eye at the floral wholesaler. Sue never ever disappoints me!

The greens are all from our family farm up by Taylor's Falls. Really fresh and they smell sooo good! Sue found some burlap ribbon that had those fabulous colors like you see in the Grinch story.  Bright and fun! At the end of the retreat, we draw names for doorprizes and some lucky gals get to take them home for the holidays.
Retreat_centerpieces_2Another tradition we have at this retreat is Secret Santas. After everyone has arrived, those who want to take part toss their name in a hat and we draw. During the rest of the retreat, everyone hides prizes at the sewing area for their SS ... you have to be really sneaky and clever sometimes because I swear ... some of those women never ever leave their seat!

Much to the dismay of the group sitting at my table, my first gift was the now infamous Snowman Timer!  He was so cute but oooohhh so annoying.

Snowman_timer_2I'd see that someone was getting ready to do the next part of their quilt ... like pressing or sewing on a border ... and then I'd set the timer to see if they could beat it.  Boy that was fun!! By Sunday ... maybe not so much.

Hey Julie ... and Deb and Mary ... tick tock tick tock tick tock ...

On Saturday night we reveal who our SS was and give a final bigger gift. One of the things I make them do is introduce the person they're giving to ... forces everyone to sleauth out something about their new friend. I'm always surprised a that the things I've learned about people I thought I knew. How do they discover this stuff??

Sue_friedmanWe'll let just about ANYONE into this retreat.  Including other shopowners! Here's Sue Friedman from Quilt Essentials in Oshkosh, Wisconson. Sue's a cousin of my worker bee Chris ... commonly referred to as my Left Hand Man {she's a lefty in case you couldn't figure that out}.  Sitting next to her is Chris' sister Ruth who has only been quilting for about a year and a half but can she make quilts!

There are lots of other family groups who show up at the retreat ... cousins, sisters, moms and daughters ... and friends. Lots of friends!

One thing you can never do at a retreat is turn your back on your friends. Look what happened to poor Deb when she tried to make herself just a little more comfortable for her massage! {Rick and Jim from Stress Relief in Rochester are another tradition.}


Just in case someone forgot to bring along supplies or maybe a project ... which is highly unlikely given the amount of stuff everyone brings ... we bring the Cottage to the retreat.  This year I brought a trunk show from Chickadee Hollow Designs from New London. Almost everything was Christmas related. Terry Atkinson sent along her project from Winner's Bouquet. Two things that sold out in the blink of an eye were the bobbin winder and all of our frosted rulers from OLFA.  Look how cute our vending area is!



It's fun seeing what everyone is working on. Impromptu display walls popped up all over the place!





Everyone must have had a good time ... the hotel staff told me that almost all of the rooms we had this year were reserved for next year! How cool is that? We have room to expand a bit more ... so ... SAVE THE DATE!

November 6 through 9, 2008 ... only eleven and a half months away!