30% off fabric ... isn't that total madness?
Last chance for Misteltoe Madness and holiday gifts!

Forget the madness ... cut right through to savings!

Imgp1629You know that OLFA has the best cutting tools in the world, right? But how about their rulers? {We can't keep them in the store!} Guess what the deal-of-the-day is on Friday?

To get you hooked on the rulers and to introduce you to  OLFA's new Quick-Change cutter, we've packaged the cutter and a 1x12" ruler  together for $33.95 as Mistletoe Madness continues.  We've even tossed in the ribbon ... great stocking stuffer!

The Quick-Change Cutter  is terrific because it cuts  either right or left handed but changing the blade is the best feature ... it just drops off! A latch holds it in place so you don't need to remember the order of the parts to put it together again.

I like OLFA's frosted rulers  because they don't slip around on the fabric. I have more of the larger rulers ordered ... put replacing rulers on your resolution list for the New Year.

Check out my pal Pat Sloan ... she was the featured designer in the Fat Quarter  newsletter.  You can sign up for future issues here .

Soooo ... Mistletoe Madness is almost over. One more day ....