Merry Christmas to the troops!
Welcome to 2008!

Unruly Girlz {Quilt and Crafting} Club

WildwomenAnyone who's been in the Cottage knows that quilting and sewing aren't the only things I'm interested in. In fact, my worker bee, Deb, was shocked to learn recently that just on the other side of the back door in the classroom is ... a fully stocked scrap booking store! Or, at least as many of the components as Archivers, Michaels and Joann's could provide.

Just like me, I know you have more interests than quilting. I see it  in the projects you bring to work on Tuesdays at Wild Roses, or when I run into you at some of my favorite haunts. With that in mind, in February, I'll be starting the Unruly Girlz Club ... a place to indulge your passion!

I think the girls in the photo say it all ... inside each of us is someone who just wants to chuck the rules aside and play. For some, that may mean replacing all the suggested fabrics from a pattern with others that make them happy ... too bad if they don't quite match what the designer had in mind. Others may find their unruliness in knitting something like crazy and then tossing it in the hottest water their washer will allow ... just to see what happens. Or maybe you're like me ... you like to take components and assemble them into objects that are totally different than what was first imagined.

If you've ever thought "what if" or "I'm not going to do it that way" ... you're probably an Unruly Girl! Our new club will encompass all kinds of things ... quilting, papercrafts, knitting, beading, dollmaking, painting ... I'm looking forward to FABULOUS show and tell!!

Club meetings will be held six times a year ... we'll meet the first Saturday of the even months, beginning February 2, 2008 {which just happens to be Groundhog Day!} at 9:30 in the morning. Designer, Jennifer Diederich will be speaking about Creative Unruliness that day. If you've ever heard her, you know you'll have to listen closely as she speaks fast!

Throughout the rest of the year, we'll have make it take it projects, field trips, swaps and challenges. Sherri Falls from This & That pattern company is designing six patterns for us and you'll get the directions for them at the meeting. You'll be invited to a private blog for unruly inspiration.  Who knows what else we'll toss in as the year progresses!

Yearly club dues are $55 and space is limited. There is one rule we DO have to follow and thas one is set by the fire chief.

So ... feel a bit unruly? Call Rosebud's {651.426.1885} or stop in and sign up today!