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Is there a doctor in the house?


Day seven here of being sick with something I obviously caught on my trip to Portland last week. Friday wasn't so bad ... little tickle in my throat and a bit of a cough but I thought that was because we've been cleaning the basement and garage at the store. All that dust!

Saturday ... I knew it was a bit beyond that but I stuck it out. Maybe allergies? Of course, I've never had allergies. By the time I slammed the doors shut at the store, I knew it was a lost cause. By 3:30 I was in bed with quilts pulled up to my chin.

Same thing Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. Wednesday. And now it's Thursday and I'm still in bed but this is the very last day I'm putting up with being sick!

Luckily, this all took place over the Memorial Day weekend so it hasn't interfered with much of my life. It is kind of nice to lay around and probably would be more enjoyable if I was able to stay awake for more than ten minutes at a time. I've been able to read every word of the Pioneer Press, the Wall Street Journal and today, the White Bear Press. Have done cover-to-cover of the Longeberger update ... love those patriotic baskets! I've seen Martha and Rachel in the afternoon and that new Twin Cities Live show on channel 5 ... the jury's still out on that one. {Hmmm ... so this is what I'm missing while I'm spending all those hours at the Cottage!} I've gone through two bottles of cough syrup, a pack of Breathe Rights and handfuls of Advil. Have graduated to Tylenol now. Oh, and a box of popsicles, without a lot of flavor. But they were cold.

I've decided that today is it ... tomorrow I'm going to be better or else. Kim at Special Effects is cutting my hair at 4:30 and even if I have to force Bob to drive me because I still don't feel well enough to get behind the wheel, my haircut is going to put me on the road to recovery!

But first I have to take another nap.

Doc license plate

Memorial Day ... the kickoff to Summer!


Well even though it's still pretty cool, Memorial Day is the official start to enjoying Summer in Minnesota. Labor Day ... the official end! It's great having the windows open through the night ... love hearing the birds get going each day. Lately, in addition to the loons calling in the lake behind us, we've got turkeys gobbling in the woods. Keep in mind that this is suburbia ... we live in White Bear Lake, not Hugo! We haven't seen any hummingbirds yet but maybe when the temps get a bit up there they'll return. Through my bedroom window I can see the bleeding hearts blooming ... these were taken from my mom's garden so it's kind of fun having that connection to her. Soon, the wild blue irises that my sister Sue gave me will be blooming. Even though Summer is coming slowly this year, it's still fun to be able to enjoy each step. Happy Memorial Day!!



Shepherd's Harvest

Imgp1845One of the things I look forward to each Spring is the Shepherd's Harvest at the Washington County fairgrounds in Lake Elmo. If you love working with wool, this is the place to be. It's held on Mother's Day weekend so always easy to remember.

Imgp1844There are real sheep ... and llamas, too ... at the harvest. They have sheep shearing demonstrations, sheep dog trials ... lamb burgers {nope, not for me!}. As a former 4-Her who once raised a few sheep ... I begged enough and wore my folks down ... it's always a step back to the past when I watch these events.

Imgp1856One of the things I like about the Harvest is how it changes. When I first began going about eight or nine years ago, the colors were very earthy ... saying they were bland would be kind of mean but they sort of were. The last few years, it's like the spinners and weavers have discovered the dye pot because it's now bursting with color!

Imgp1852The Shepherd's Harvest is where I became interested again in felting wool. As knitters have become more skilled at embellishing, they're discovering needle felting with wool roving. Consequently, the colors and uses for the roving are hugely improved. I loved looking at the booths that had it!

Imgp1848Look at these gigantic balls of painted roving! They were so cool.

Colored_curlsColored fleece curls ... a wonderful change from the natural ones I've used for sheep and santa beards. Where does the imagination go with these?

Imgp1854There were a ton of finished items too. On a colder day, I might have had a pair of these mittens for my very own. Little hard to buy on one of the first nice days in Minnesota, though!

BandDown home music for entertainment. It's always fun watching the little kids get into it.

Black_sheepAnd of course, there's a black sheep in every crowd, isn't there? This was just a wonderful time and a great escape. Mark this on your calendar for next year!

Let's get pickled!

Imgp1835For the first time in 24 years, Bob and I spent Mother's Day eating breakfast alone. Is that a good or bad thing? {Well probably good for our checkbook as we only spent twenty bux!}

We went to The Washington Square Grill in downtown White Bear Lake and because it was Mom's Day the place was packed. We ended up sitting at the bar ... something you can't do if you have anyone underage with you {like Teddy}. Minnesota laws you know.  The bar is a perfect camera opportunity ... so many colors and textures!

Right in front of us were these great bottles of fruits and vegetables taking a soak in spirits.  Aren't they pretty? I overheard the bartender tell someone the pineapples are soaking in rum ... I have no clue what they do with them and I'm guessing others don't know either because that bottle is pretty full. Not so the pepper & onions or the strawberries. Obviously favorites at the grill!

My next big question ... would you really drink an ale with a name like Moose Drool???


Taco salad ... yum!!

Terrys_booksHa ha ... fooled 'ya! You thought you were getting a recipe or something, didn't you!! Well ... I guess this sort of is a recipe ... a recipe for a table topper in Terry Atkinson's new book Let's do Lunch.

Don't tell Chris but this is what I'm leaving for her and Deb to work on while I'm at Quilt Market this week. I thought we'd do two Taco Salad toppers using the brown as the background and the other using the white as background. {Chris! Deb! You girls taking notes?} I like being able to show people how different a project looks when you switch around the fabrics. Plus ... you've gotta love a project that uses only four fat quarters!

We're going to kit this project for the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop  this August ... along with the wine tote in the book. Won't these be great gifts for someone with a cabin or who longs for Minnesota even though they're far from home? {Our shop hop fabric is on the truck ... you can come in and pet it but we can't sell it until August 1. But I'd take orders for these kits if you want!}

Let's do Lunch and Time out Quilts are Terry's latest  books. The lunch one is all about things for your table ... perfect gifts for wedding showers!! In her time out book, Terry uses short cut methods for quilts that seem impossibly hard ... her Trip Around the World uses combinations of four blocks! No more rows of squares to keep track of. I remember my mom making those quilts ... I bet she wishes she'd had had Terry's book. We are so lucky today, aren't we?

Hot off the press so come and get 'em!

Kiss a 'J' Day

Kiss_a_jOn May 8th it is kiss someone beginning with ' J ' whether its jane, jack or jesus...give them a kiss.
it can be on the cheek, lips or anywhere else, up 2 u !

{Found this on Facebook ... gotta love being a mom with access!}