Taco salad ... yum!!
Shepherd's Harvest

Let's get pickled!

Imgp1835For the first time in 24 years, Bob and I spent Mother's Day eating breakfast alone. Is that a good or bad thing? {Well probably good for our checkbook as we only spent twenty bux!}

We went to The Washington Square Grill in downtown White Bear Lake and because it was Mom's Day the place was packed. We ended up sitting at the bar ... something you can't do if you have anyone underage with you {like Teddy}. Minnesota laws you know.  The bar is a perfect camera opportunity ... so many colors and textures!

Right in front of us were these great bottles of fruits and vegetables taking a soak in spirits.  Aren't they pretty? I overheard the bartender tell someone the pineapples are soaking in rum ... I have no clue what they do with them and I'm guessing others don't know either because that bottle is pretty full. Not so the pepper & onions or the strawberries. Obviously favorites at the grill!

My next big question ... would you really drink an ale with a name like Moose Drool???



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Great photo of all the beer pulls.

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