Through the camera lens
Let's get pickled!

Taco salad ... yum!!

Terrys_booksHa ha ... fooled 'ya! You thought you were getting a recipe or something, didn't you!! Well ... I guess this sort of is a recipe ... a recipe for a table topper in Terry Atkinson's new book Let's do Lunch.

Don't tell Chris but this is what I'm leaving for her and Deb to work on while I'm at Quilt Market this week. I thought we'd do two Taco Salad toppers using the brown as the background and the other using the white as background. {Chris! Deb! You girls taking notes?} I like being able to show people how different a project looks when you switch around the fabrics. Plus ... you've gotta love a project that uses only four fat quarters!

We're going to kit this project for the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop  this August ... along with the wine tote in the book. Won't these be great gifts for someone with a cabin or who longs for Minnesota even though they're far from home? {Our shop hop fabric is on the truck ... you can come in and pet it but we can't sell it until August 1. But I'd take orders for these kits if you want!}

Let's do Lunch and Time out Quilts are Terry's latest  books. The lunch one is all about things for your table ... perfect gifts for wedding showers!! In her time out book, Terry uses short cut methods for quilts that seem impossibly hard ... her Trip Around the World uses combinations of four blocks! No more rows of squares to keep track of. I remember my mom making those quilts ... I bet she wishes she'd had had Terry's book. We are so lucky today, aren't we?

Hot off the press so come and get 'em!


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The secrets out! They should be fun projects. Good fab choices. I'm taking notes. Love doing Terry's patterns. Have fun at market, Your Left-hand man.


They look so cute. I can't wait to see them! I love Terry's books and her instructions and piecing methods are wonderful. Also like your fabric selections there.

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