The colors of Autumn!
Nothing better than a road trip!

Autumn treats!


It really isn't the fall season until we break out this delicious treat. Tasting a lot like a Salted Nut Roll, the mix of candy corn and peanuts has to be just right in order to get the same effect. So here you go ... the secret recipe ratio! 3:1 ... three peanuts to one candy corn. Of course, you'll have to adjust for handfuls if you eat them that way, which really isn't proper.  So when you're clearing out the shelves, make sure you buy more peanuts than candy corn. After you've eaten your fill, clean your palate with a cookie or two.



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I love candy corn, it's the best and for me it has to be Brach's! Every retreat needs it and that includes Pat's, ha. Have YOU made your label yet Roseann?


This has been a fun retreat. Plus it has taken me to new places, where I wouldn't have gone in a real retreat, like over here your page. Such fun!

Sheila Allard

Pat Sloan sent me over here too - I love the fall colors shots. You have inspired me to take my digital camera to the farmer's market on Wednesday.

When we go hiking, we make something called "gorp", which is like your candy corn/peanut combo. We include M&Ms, craisons, peanuts,and candy corn -it's a winning combination!

Pam Achatz - Thunder Bay Resort

Love your Farmer's Market pictures. Isn't this retreat fun? Love the blog hopping too - great site


I"m now over the edge and on the way to the nearest candy corn source. That with the peanuts, and maybe M&M's will be the downfall of the four pounds I've just lost. Woe is me, but yum.

Susan in ON

This treat looks and sounds very appealing , and one of the earlier comments has inspired me to bake old-fashioned gingersnaps and add this mix to the batter...


I have been craving something salty, and this mix looks like just the thing... the tiny Jack O'lantern votives and the Halloween haunted tree are already on display in my house, so a bowl of this snack mix will be a great finishing touch!


MMmmmmmmm Pat Sloan was right on time sending us over here to comment. That snack mix sounds yum, and I've been so wrapped up in Post-Ike clean up that I hadn't even thought about looking for the candy corn yet.
Thanks for the eye candy, and the idea. And for the give-away posted over at Pat S's!
Bobbie in Texas


Yummy treats! My daughter in particular will like this one. Love your site too!


This looks so yummy, I'm going to have to make for the kids. Enjoying your blog thanks to Pat! Happy quilting all.


This combination would be perfect to have on the desk at work in a pretty bowl. I love the taste of salted nutrolls, and will have to give this a try! Yum


I bought the candy corn yesterday, I guess I need to go get some peanuts later today! Yum, Yum!

btw, your photos are fabulous, I enjoyed looking at your colour pictures, amazing.

Quilting Gallery


your blog is beautufully colorful. I love it!


Pat also sent me here and now I'm hungry looking at the cookies and love love your Autumn pictures.


There's actually a snack I haven't tried? YIKES!
I do love the sweet/salty mix of flavors (M&M's and pretzels is a fav...or chocolate chips,cashews,raisins and pretzels...yum!)


Pat Sloan list sent me here and wow how yummy is that combo...salty and sweet
I welcomed fall by making a dutch apple pie...the house smelled wonderful!!


I found your blog through Pat Sloan's. Peanuts & candy corn mix.....yummy! Those cookies look pretty scumptious too!


Will try this snack, too....looks good!!! AND.....since your Sunday blog isn't posted yet for your nice giveaway for Pat Sloan's virtual retreat weekend, she suggested we post a comment here and you'll gather them up and include them in the giveaway entries. So...this is my entry for that giveaway. Okay?? OKAY!!!! :)

Thearica Burroughs

I HAVE to try this! Candy corn and peanuts are 2 of my fav's..and who doesn't love a good nutroll!


Love your store. Great pictures of the fair on your blog.


MMMM=peanuts AND candy corn! Love that stuff. Another combo I like to eat with candy corn is gingersnap cookies.....keep thinking I should try to invent a recipe like that-would call them "corn snaps" I guess.

Sharon Griffith

I have to agree with you. It sits in my candy dish constantly thru the fall and I get many visitors.

Heidi Kaisand

My favorite!!!

Lori Hull

Just for FUN I added some M & M's to my mix!! YUMMY!!!! It gets munched on and gone!!
Many Blessings.......
Lori Hull

Pat Sloan

are those LEGAL... not sure... but it's almost as bad as the m&m and peanut butter mixes we made in college.. only not as messy.. hehe!

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