Autumn treats!
Pat Sloan's Virtual Retreat

Nothing better than a road trip!


Back in August, I promised one of my pals that I would take a few days off and go quilt shop looking ... we weren't going to buy anything ... just 'touch with your eyes' like I used to tell my boys. We both just needed some visual stimulation. Yike yike yike ... how on earth did we put over a thousand miles on the car? And how did all those bags get into the back seat!

So I found some great shops, but for some reason Harper's in Overland Park, Kansas ended up with a bunch of photos! Probably because this is where we stopped for lunch. A yummy place across the street was the perfect way to get ready for poking through the store. This store was picked for the current Quilt Sampler magazine and I for one will say the staff at American Patchwork and Quilting picked a great one!


What on earth did I see when I went through the doors ... well after the fabulous Autumn fabric display ... was a Terry Atkinson shrine just like at my store! Gotta love a store that loves Pretty Paisley.


They had the sweetest baby area ... makes me wish I knew someone with a baby coming. Love how its not just little quilts for babies anymore ... you get to doll them up with their own bag and cute bibs and fun dresses and sleepers. My favorite thing was the chipping paint pink door. Doesn't it make you wonder who lived in the house this door came from?

Peek up on the wall to the right ... fabulous batik quilt. They had a terrific selection of batiks and may be the start of a conversion for me. Yike ... I didn't say that!


They also had the hugest selection of Jo Morton fabric I've ever seen! If you need more for a project and can't find it at your local shop, call them next. They have a very active Little Women's club and here's just a sampling of their samples.


As part of their club, they had a challenge ... four patches put into a strip setting. Amazing how each quilt looked so different. Viewers could vote for their favorite ... the one I voted for is in this photo ... can you guess which one?


Go to their web site and look at the quilt they submitted for Quilt Sampler ... then come back and look at these three quilts. Here's your quilting lesson for the day ... choose the fabrics you like best and then just go ahead and make your quilt. That's the best part of quilting ... you start with the same set of instructions but you know you won't end up with the exact same quilt as the girl next door. Proof right here!

Just a few hours before we walked in the door, Harpers got their latest shipment of Amy Butler fabric. There's none left. My friend bought it all! JK!! But they can re-order the bolts she cleaned out ... just kidding again. They did have a wonderful selection of Amy's fabrics and Kaffe Fasset (is that how you spell his name?) and holy cow ... purse patterns!


It was hard to tear ourselves away from this great store but eventually we had to ... but we still couldn't get away from the quilts! We ran back into the cafe across the street for 'one for the road' ... they have more quilts from the store hanging on their walls. Total immersion in quilting in this town!

We needed to get back on the road but it sure would have been fun to linger on their patio. It was a perfect Fall day!!!



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Mary Lou Weidman

Wow, what inspiration today and great color and fun. You pepped me up and now I don't need a latte. The quilt at the beginning of the blog is fabulous and looks just like Fall. Keep up the good work, I love visiting here.
Mary Lou Weidman

happy zombie

Loving the field trip I just took! Best part... I got to go in my jammies.

I love the four-patch/strip challenge. I love, love, love seeing different things from a basic set of instructions. How dramatic of a difference something is because of fabric or setting. It's kind of like one of those Highlights for Kids visual games... but for quilters.

Pam S

I have been making the peanut/candy corn mix for years, it is YUMMY! M&M's will definately be an addition this year! This is a great blog- thanks to Pat for linking us to it. I hope I win your prize!

Karen In Breezy Point

I'm checking in because of Pat too, but wanted to tell you that I finally got to your shop during the statewide Shop Hop--what a treat. Your shop is adorable and such an inspriration--especially for wool lovers. I'm working on the Little Stitches Cat Season ornament (the Halloween one ) right now that I picked up along with a LOT of other stuff. I have him all glued together and have to get busy stitchin'!


Pat Sloan sent me over and am I glad she the photos from your trip to Kansas. Wonderful shop. I also am very fond of your prizes Pat has posted. I love fall!!!

Aileen FIsh

How fun! I have to go on one of the SoCal shop hops, maybe when gas prices come down.


What a great road trip -- never enough quilty stuff to see! Thanks for sharing it.


Found your blog from Pat's virtual retreat. It's been a great weekend!


Got your link from Pat Sloan, love your blog. You have me wanting to go on a road trip but there's the pesky problem of 'spending', lol! Love the photos!! Lisa

Kim Woodruff

Lovely blogg, great pictures. Hope to win the prize.


Love the quilt pictures. Pat Sloan sent me this way. Off to look around here a bit more. :o)

Sue G.

Pat sent me over to visit. What a wonderful blog. It sounds like you had a wonderful day. There is nothing like going quilt hopping with friends.


Roseann,Pat sent me over to your blog and I'm so glad she did! I loved reading about your road trip so much that I read every word! Now I'm trying to figure out how long it would take me from Colorado Springs to get over to Overland, Kansas! I might need a road trip, too!
I'll be back to visit your blog!

Amy R

Hey Roseann, I was the lucky winner you picked during Pat's last virtual retreat! You can skip me over for this one - I love your stuff already! Loved too that you mentioned another of my favorite designers - Jo Morton. I sent her a note to let her know you included a mention of the display of her fabrics at Harpers! Hope you are having a wonderful fall day in your neck of the world! Amy


nothing like a road trip, but a quilty one - Oh my! Pat sent me too!


Came here via Pat's blog but I visit rosebud cottage often - LOVE the photos. Mary


What cute give aways Pat said to hop on over to your blog
Glad i did the fall treats look and sound yummy
The retreat is going so well fun to read all the new ways to do a label
Cheers to all and happy blog hopping :)

Dorothy Francke

I am from IL and have been to your shop once, I just loved it.
Happy Stitches

Robin C

what a great road trip. Pat Sloan sent me over. I love the contest prizes.

Robin in VA

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