Time for another Girls' Nite Out!
Quilt guild night!

Luv being a cover girl!


As much as I love seeing my projects in magazines, it's even more fun when they make it to the cover! A quilt I made last Summer is now on the cover of the Spring 2009 edition of Quilts and More.  How cool is that?


The inside shot on the white bed looks fabulous. I want a white bed now! Jill Mead, the editor of Quilts and More chose it for the magazine because it's a beginner quilt that looks harder than it is. The entire quilt is constructed from half-square triangles. The way they're pieced together makes them look like diamonds ... but without the hassle of set in seams.

The fabric is Pretty Paisley designed by Terry Atkinson and Liz Lois for Red Rooster Fabrics. Red Rooster has done a third printing of this fabric and I'm able to get more because of that. Want a kit? Call and reserve yours because there will be a limited supply of them available. Of course, we have the magazines at the Cottage and you can visit the quilt in person if you wish, too!


Jill asked me to do a color option for the magazine, too. For this she chose Butterfly Fling by Me and My Sister for Moda. It's a smaller version ... great snuggle quilt for a toddler ... and those cute cute colors make it totally adorable. I think this one  will be tucked away for maybe a little granddaughter some day! (You boys listening???)


But ... if one covers good ... two are better, right? My little muffin top pincushion made it to the cover of Bags, Pillows and Pincushions by American Patchwork, too! How fun is that? I haven't had any covers since the late 1900's, when I enjoyed a run of projects on the cover of a variety of Better Homes and Gardens magazines. Two in a month is pretty wild in my book!


Both pincushions are under the title of Wool and Whimsy in this bookazine.  It'll be out in a few weeks ... my wool dyers are firing up the kettles so I'll have more handdyed wool to make kits for these two. And remember my stacked pincushions from last year ... they're inside the pages as well. Oh ... and if you missed the free Shop Hopper pattern we gave away at the Minnesota State Fair last year ... the one from Sherri Falls of This and That pattern company ... you'll find that in this publication, too! I love that bag.

After a long and dismal Winter, it sure is great having something new and fresh to look at. Makes it seem like Spring isn't too far away!



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This was one of my favorite pincushions to make for them! Thanks for liking it Debbie!!

Debbie B

This popped up on Pinterest, and it is so cool to see because I have that issue and plan to make that quilt design one day! When I saw the pin there, I thought, "hey, I know that quilt." I pull the magazine out every six months and revisit. Perhaps it is a sign it should be my next project.

Music Dissertation

Blogs are so informative where we get lots of information on any topic. Nice job keep it up!!


Little did I know when I picked up my copy of this magazine a few months back that I'd one day happen up on your blog!!! I feel like I've just rubbed shoulders with a celebrity! ;) Love your quilt design! So happy to have found your blog from Terry Ann's link!

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


I just stumbled upon this post and I absolutely LOVE the quilt. How many yards of fabric did you use? I'm trying to find a good quilt pattern to make a full size quilt from. Thanks!


WOW!! I was just doing a google search on "Bags, pillows & pillowcases" and came across your blog! How exciting! I am so excited to have discovered this new magazine, and even more excited to have discovered your fantastic blog! Oh and did I mention... that I'm just a bit excited?!! he he he...
Congratulations with the publication of your designs, they look fantastic!
Warm wishes, Vikki :-)


I purchased the magazine last week specifically for the triangle tango quilt .... I feel in love with it.

Congrats ... it's a beautiful quilt.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

I found Quilts and More here in TX yesterday and I'm from MN. Love the quilt and congratulations on the two covers.

Terri Spencer

Congratulations! It is always fun to read about someone local on the front cover! You have come a long way from beginning quilt class at Reeds! Ps Did you ever finish that??!!


Your next career goal has to be centerfold because you've got the cover thing down pat! They look great!!


Congrats!!!! Way to go Roseann!!!
I will be on the lookout for these magazines.......still wondering if I can get a kit for the little spring pocket you posted earlier?


Wow how wonderful two magazines!!! I can't wait to see this new mag and all your darling stuff in it.


The Bags book is a new edition but there was one on gifts last fall that was sort of the same style. There's another coming out this Fall I think with a whole different group of patterns. Fun stuff!


Congratulations! No wonder you are excited. They look lovely on the cover. I can't wait until they come out. I have never seen Bags, Pillows and Pincushions before. Is this a new magazine? I love Quilts and More.

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