Photo scavenger hunt ... the color 'orange'
No matter how you spell it ... it's still o-r-a-n-g-e.

Through orange-colored glasses


When I first considered my orange scavenger hunt, I was thinking I'd have to resign myself to Halloween or Autumn to be inspired. But then, as I began to focus on the color, it began to pop up in all kinds of places! I think it's interesting how one focal point ... like the car ... suddenly brings out that same color in the rest of the items around it.


I like how these candles give the illusion of orange.


The economy is being compared to the problems faced during the Depression. When you think about it, a common color in feedsack fabric that was used for those terrific quilts from the 30's and 40's was orange. You might find it as the main color like this quilt but also as a tiny accent in other fabrics from this time frame. Orange is viewed as an optimistic color ... something we need a lot of right now! It's not a color I can wear easily but I sure do like it in small doses. That probably explains while I'm really attracted to the Fossil bags with a lot of bright florals in them!


The more I looked, the more orange I saw! It was everywhere ... in the sign at the hotel, in the restaurant ... almost every where I turned. And I continue to notice it even back here in the white world of Minnesota.