Left-right brain test ... so where do you fall?
A plethora of purses!

At the Mall of America!


When the Minnesota temps get to be totally unbearable ... like yesterday and the day before and today ... I find a little break by going to the Mall of America. It's always warm and sunny inside the doors! And inspiring. So yesterday, I snuck in after my errands in Bloomington were finished. It was well worth it ... almost wished I had left my coat in the car ... until I went back outside!


I was lucky and found a parking spot in my favorite lot ... it's on the south side of the mall off of Killebrew Drive ... the entrance from that lot puts you at LegoLand ... an easy marker to find again. I miss going there with the boys. When Winter got to be too long, I'd pack them up and go to MOA. Always had to make sure I had enough money because I knew we'd be going home with lots more Legos to add to our collection! (The hours of quiet after we got home was worth every penny!)


You truly can find anything at MOA ... like sharks! You can sleep with them too if you make arrangements ahead of time.


Or Western wear ... who knew there's a big demand for that in Minnesota! Love the buffalo heads inside the store. Thought this shirt was kind of interesting.



You can find Minnesota here! If you haven't found it already.


Make your own cosmetics, too. Look at this cool soap construction!



Need a new BFF? Make one at MOA!!


The place is huge ... three floors of shopping ... an amuzement park complete with a roller coaster and ferris wheel ... places to eat, drink and relax ... and sunshine all day every day thanks to great lighting!





Love the Rainforest Cafe with it's giant fruit displays ... lush tropical feeling ... cool bar stools and fish!




But the window displays are my very favorite ... totally inspiring and interesting ... like this one at ForLove21 on the first floor by the rotunda ... or the iPod icons floating in the window at Apple ... or the one at the Gap that makes Summer seem right around the corner! (Rule of thumb ... you can take pix outside of the stores but not inside unless you ask permission.)



Finally ... my number one reason for going to MOA is Urban Outfitters. Yes ... their things can appear to be offensive to some ... 15 years in the military have left me immune. But they have cool fabulous stuff! Look what I got there ... can hardly wait to use my prizes!



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I can't let my daughter (15) see this!!

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