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Left-right brain test ... so where do you fall?


Linda Hohag from Brandywine Designs told me about this test  ... which way you perceive the ballerina to be spinning tells a lot about how you use your brain. If you concentrate really hard, you can make her spin in the other direction ... but I found I couldn't do that for very long.

I googled 'left-right brain test' and came up with lots of hits. This one is interesting because it has a question/answer format with scoring at the end.

Test Cafe has all kinds of cool facts about the brain and a bunch of personality and brain quizzes.

The funny thing is that no matter which tests I take, they tell me I'm right brained. Cool ... I like being that way!!

How about you ... left brain? Right brain? 


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 left right brain tests

It's really interesting. At first, I can see her rotating in clockwise direction but after few minutes of continuous observation I can see her rotating in anticlockwise direction but mostly I can see her rotating clockwise and I think I am right brain oriented.


I took the test. My husband came in the room when I was taking the test on which way the dancer moved. She was going clockwise to me, but counter clockwise to him. So, when I read the results of the test, it described us both very well.

I took one of the other tests, and it, too, said I was right brained. From the decriptions of right brained people, it looks like right brained people have more fun, so I like being right brained, too!

I think creative people have way more right-brain stuff and just enough of the left-brain to keep them logical and functioning! rk

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