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    24 June 2009


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    Susan M

    Hmmmm, I thought I had already left a comment. I cannot find it. So I am not taking any chances and I am commenting again.

    I love the tips about hst and organization. I need to learn to be more organized for my own benefit.

    Anything you would like to share about wool, I am gamed. I just received a nice big pkg. of wool felt from a friend. I am looking forward to playing with the wool felt. My first attempt most likely will be a pincushion.

    Thanks for letting us get to know y'all better by having the Mn. blog hop. Nice to meet y'all.

    Lisa E.

    Blog hopping... it's been fun.

    Debbie B.

    I must find your tool - the Perfect Piecing Seam Guide!! Can't wait to add it to my toolbox!

    Barb J

    this is great, I'm from MN and now in FL but love to visit shops when I come in the summer. Wow, will I be busy. Great idea

    Pat Abfalter

    This blog hop is so much fun thanks alot,can't wait until tomorrow's blog

    Sew Cal Gal

    I'm having so much fun on this blog hop. Great idea.



    I'm not a wool user either, but great ideas. Thanks for being part of the blog hop!




    I haven't tried any wool projects yet but now I just might have to.


    Thanks for the inspiration! I tore a wool suit apart a few months ago and put it through the wash, but that is as far as I got - life happens. You've inspired me to do something with it! Thanks. This blog-hop gets the fever up!

    Val Pender

    Thanks for the tips on the blog hop. The information, designs and patterns are beautiful!

    Trish Kappler

    Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date and for the fun blogging. Great idea!


    Thanks for some wonderful idea's. This blog hop has been fun.


    Hi, I also love working with wool. Your patterns are great. Thanks for the helpful tips.

    Nancy Wieler

    Wool - I have stacks of it and could never figure out what to do with it. Always loved it and bought it, I now have inspiration-many thanks!

    Diane Cannon

    I just realized "how" supportive you are of each other and I think that is great--see ya tomorrow, hugs, just, Di


    Thanks for keeping us posted!

    JoAnn W

    A great blog, and lots of information which I can use. This blog hop is a lot of fun, and I'll be back tomorrow!


    Iam enjoying finding out about you ladies in this blog hop.


    Having so much fun-great info on each site!


    I like the way you seem to be encouraging people on your blog. Very postive sounding, and fun. I had just finished visiting the HST lesson, and if her patterns are like that lesson, they would be great to work with. this is such a neat way to learn more about each of you. I am glad you are involved in this hop.


    I love this idea of a blog hop through Minnesota-a great way to meet you, since I am in CT!
    Thanks for the info about Celine's instructions-I can use all the info I can find for patchwork since I have spent most of my time doing hand applique. You've got some lovely sounding links here, so I'll be sure to come back to visit.
    Thank you, Kathleen

    Rafael's mum

    I have just come from Celine's place. No spoiler as to your blog for tomorrow then? I'm really enjoying this blog hop! Thanks for taking part. I will see you tomorrow I'll expect!

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