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My love affair with wool ...


Most people who know me know that I love working with wool! This isn't a new thing in my life ... as a teenager I competed in the Make It Yourself With Wool contest regularly ... and I even raised sheep for 4-H ... even though we had no other animals at our home. My store is known as a source for hand dyed wool and unique kits. For five years, we had a club called the Muddy Sheep Wool Club! It was packed with quilters who loved wool, too. For my part in the Minnesota Quilt Designers blog hop, I thought I'd show you how easy ... and fun ... it is to work with wool.


Many people associate wool applique with traditional penny rugs. Circles ... often the size of coins ... are stacked and stitched and then sewn to a background or along an edge of a mat. Initially made to keep the floor warm in colonial homes, as Americans became more successful, they began to take on a more decorative look as they were embellished with flowers, leaves, and animals.


The supplies needed to begin wool applique are things that most quilters already have in their sewing kit ... a pair of small, sharp scissors, applique and fork pins, water based glue, needles ... especially #9 embroidery, #22 tapestry and straw (for stringing beads) ... and floss. Some people like to use perle cotton but I like floss because of the huge range of colors available and the texture of the thread. Freezer paper is needed too ... does anyone really use it to wrap food  anymore?


I like the feeling of hand dyed wool for my projects. I'm really lucky to have a great group of dyers in my area ... all of the wool I use is from women owned businesses in the Midwest.

Our wool is felted in the dying process but if you come across a beautiful piece  and want to use it in a project, it's really easy to felt on your own. Toss it in the washer with the hottest water you have ... add a tablespoon of detergent and a little softener if you wish ... let it agitate and spin out ... then throw it in a hot dryer. It's that simple! I stand by the dryer for a little bit and check the lint trap. Safety precaution.


Make freezer paper templates to cut your shapes. Trace the design on to the paper side of freezer paper then press the waxy side to the wool. Cut out the shape on the line and remove the paper. The templates can be reused several times.



Applique pins and fork pins (Clover) are great ways to hold the shapes in place because they don't catch on your threads as you stitch. A stapler will hold larger pieces together, too. But my all time favorite is Roxanne's Glue Baste ... I have it stashed in all my cubbies!


I prefer one strand of floss and a whip stitch to hold down most of my pieces.


A blanket or buttonhole stitch gives a more decorative edge ... this is a loop stitch and the one thing you need to remember is that the needle needs to cross the thread to complete the stitch.

I  use the backstitch and running stitch, too. If I run them down the center of a leaf I'll tug the threads a bit to make the shape gather up a little ... gives it a 3D look. There are no rules to what kind of stitch to use ... play around and have fun!



French knots are perfect for holding berries in place ... cross stitches add texture. Because the pieces I design are mostly decorative, I leave a lot of loose edges for dimension. (This basket is the November page in the 2010 American Patchwork and Quilting calendar!)


There's no rule that says wool must only be used with wool. Piece a background and embellish it with wool shapes. It's washable by hand ... great for table coverings and purses and even full sized quilts. Did you know you can piece with it too? For our wool club one year we made a pieced and appliqued quilt ... its amazing what traditional blocks look like when they're pieced with wool instead of cottons!

Any applique pattern can be adapted ... you probably have some in your pattern stash that would be perfect.  Put them to a new use! If you want to try your hand at wool applique, check out some of my designs on the American Patchwork and Quilting web site. We also have precut kits you can order on our Rosebud's Cottage  site.

Ok ... so you know the rules ... there are prizes during the blog hop! Today, I'll pick two winners from those who comment on my blog. It's strawberry season in Minnesota ... the prize is our very popular strawberry needle keeper! We've been keeping busy making more kits so if you aren't lucky enough to win one, we'll have some for you to order.

Thanks for taking part in the blog hop ... we're so lucky in Minnesota to have over 30 of the best designers in the industry living practically in our backyards! I hope you get the opportunity to experience all they have to offer.






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Thanks for the tutorial. As a traditional rug hooker I have a huge stash of wool which I also dye myself. I love the idea of appliqueing a bed quilt since I would need 2 life times to use up all my wool in my rugs. Would you suggest wool on wool or a different background fabric. I would love to get started but I'm not sure. Thank you

Debbie Kelly

I love your blog and the wool info. looks pretty and so many pretty colors


This is so interesting and clearly explained thank you.


do you offer a pattern for the penny rug of the second picture on this page...I just love it and have looked on your site and can't find it...

Lisa Franklin

Wonderful wool tuturial.

I've been very shying away from working with wool, but after seeing your info, I just might take the leap!


Lisa in Louisiana


Thanks for all the tips. I have been wanting to work with wool. I should buy a kit, and get started.

Crystal Day

Thanks for the tutorial on wool.

Barbara York

I have never worked with wool but really like how it looks. I am hoping I win but not so sure with all the comments. Thanks for your tutorial.


Donna Gober

I recently began picking up wool garments at thrift/yard sales and this Blog Hop entry will help me generate ideas. Thank you.


This is something I have the desire to try my hand at as well.. although, heaven knows I really don't need more projects! ;) Thanks for all your work!


very cute!!


Thanks for all the info about wool. I'm working really hard to resist getting into it, since I really don't need one more thing to stash! I already have quilting fabric, a bit of garment fabric, yarn, thread for embroidery and quilting. I don't need to start collecting wool as well!


still yearning , ok (drooling) after your luchious stash..and so beautifully photographed also; thanks again for being in the Blod hop!

Liz B

Thanks for the great info about working with wool. I recently inherited a small pile of wool fabrics from my great aunt, and now I have an idea of what I can do with it!


Love, love, love this!

Ann Schucker

I love wool applique - it's the one thing I can still do WITHOUT my magnifier!

Mary Anne

I love your handwork!


Thank you for the great tutorial!

Lynda L

What a fun blog hop!!


Such pretty flowers in your applique. I'm adding wool to my shopping list!

Carol Kietzman

This was a great lesson in wool. Thank you! I think I saw varigated thread in one picture. I loved the effect!!


Such creative ideas for using wool - especially like the idea of embleshing a pieced project.

Ann Barlament

I will have to try this again. I used wool when making a Moose Wall hanging & another for falling leaves.

Thanks for your wonderful examples! Can't wait to stretch my brain & try something new!!

~Ann B

Jean Kehler

I have never worked with wool except to sew a garment, but after reading your ideas I will definitely try it. Thanks for the great blog hop and please enter me in your draw.


Thanks for the wool project lesson. I haven't tried using wool yet but love what I have seen so may have to try it soon.


You make it look so easy!!

Vivian Hultgren

You have some beautiful ideas for wool, I am now making my list for your website. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks, Vivian

Mary Short

Fun with wool. I like to make little things with all the wonderful wool fabrics.

Beth Macdonald

I just started hoping today but I'm loving the whole thing .


Thank you for sharing!

Betsy Clark

How fun! You must enjoy every day at the shop!

Dawn DeMulling

I just found out about this today. Boy, have I been missing out. I LOVE working with wool. Thanks so much!


Thankyou for sharing, I'm a bit late on the hop but enjoying the catch-up.

Ankie Karlsson

I like your tutorial and try to find some wool fabric here in Sweden and try some application.

Darly Dulion

Hi Roseann ... Thank you for the tutorial on working with wool. Enjoyed reading what you like and how your techniques. The wool projects on your website are very cute.

Sherri Osborn

Wonderful post! Thanks so much.

Pat F.

Thanks for the great wool tips. I'm anxious to try a project using wool.

Pam Peterson

You make it sound so easy! Guess I just have to do more than one project to get it to be 'easy'! Thanks for your helpful information.

Cindi D

Thank you for the update on wool I have just started to play with some of it and look forward to adding more and more to my stash.


I've never made a project with wool but I love the way it looks. Thanks for the great tutorial.

lorene holbrook

I do so love wool and the strawberry is sooooo cute! thanks for the great tut on wool. very informative! thanks for putting my name in the hat!



Thanks so much! I'm going thrifting for some wool today!

Judy Running

I love the feel of wool and how it works up. Thanks for the great ideas and sharing the great fun colors and patterns.


OOOhhh! I must make some of those lovely wool flowers! Great tutorial! Thanks so much!!

Mona Ragnhildrød

Looks fun.

Judy Heinen

Thanks for the tutorial! I love working with wool!


I have never tried working with wool mainly because I haven't had much luck doing applique. Maybe one of these days. I love your work though. thanks for inviting me into your world.

Liz Tarr

so beautiful...but I doubt I'll be taking up a technique that requires hand work. I love my machine

Carolyn Howland

The wool project ideas are great, thank you. I love your strawberry.


I haven't try to much wool work but I love how it looks. your blog is very cute and informative. thanks for sharing


It started whith my love for sheeps, so for mee it is simple to use woll and its fun ;o))
I live a comment in my blog about your givaway.
Kristina in Arjeplog, Sweden

Sølvi in Norway

Love your wool appliques!. Great idea this blog hop. I will be back

Bev Dixon

I love this blog hop - what a great idea. I often see the hand dyed wool in quilt shops and wonder what to do with it ~ now I know!! I love your designs. I will definitely try this!!!
Thank you,
Bev D.


Love your blog! Thanks for your great info.

Sharon in FL

Great article! I've always wanted to try wool on my pieced day. Thanks for the tips and the great images. Beautiful!


Whoever came up with this blog hop: I love it! Lots of new stuff for me. Thank you for being so generous in sharing!

Michele Ripplinger

Thank you for the lesson on wool applique - something else I've been meaning to get my hands on.


This blog hop is terrific. I'm new to wool applique and your information makes it perfectly clear. Excited to get stitching.

Caryn Bravos

I have always loved your wool designs.

Ann Dent

Beautiful work. I love applique, perhaps I should try it with wool.

Erica K

What a sweet strawberry! I love wool too...and sheep! I would love to have a decent piece of land to raise sheep on... I still have hope that one day I might. I kid with my husband that I want a house sheep (like a house cat). Can you imagine the floors? :)


Thank you for sharing the excellent tutorial, the pictures will be so helpful. I have been wanting to take a class for this but have not had the opportunity, the tutorial is going to be such a help.


Thanks for your tops for working with wool. I have some wool scraps that I felted myself, now I need to get to work and use them.

Evelyn Thomas

All I can say is wow, your reds are so vibrant.. I just started working with wool.. My dearest quilting friend loves it and is trying to get me hooked.. ;-) with your help it may happen! Thanks for the tutorial!


Loved seeing your project.


Roseanne, do you have the pattern for that pineapple quilt?


Just about to embark on a wool project and find your tips very useful!! Thanks.

Linda Oeterson

I have bought pieces of wool but never done anything with them. This blog gave me some ideas.


The tutorial is super. I love to work with wool.



thanks for the tutorial. i think i might have to try playing wool.


Loved your blog on wool. I have done a few things with wool and I love to work with it. You have great ideas.


Wool is so fascinating to me but I have not tried it yet. I need to just jump in and have fun. Your site helps get the ideas flowing.


I am just loving this blog hop and all the new and wonderful people. Just one question could a person get the strawberry pattern without the wool. Unfortunatly I am allergic to wool.

Debbie  St.Germain

I love working with wool. I am in the process of making an all wool quilt with simple appliques. Since I rug hook too, it is nice to have wool on hand.


Kathy Wagner

You sure make it look easy!
I haven't ever made anything with wool...looks like fun!

Patti Pitzer

Loved your tutorial on wool...makes me think I can do this!

Robyn Brown

Beautiful wool projects!


I have been a little intimidated about working with wool, but you make it sound so easy. I am going to have to give it a try.

Unnur Ósk

Love your work - thanks very much for your tutorial.

Mary on Lake Pulaski

That strawberry is a very cute pattern! I would love to win the kit!

Gloria Uehlein

Thank you for your simplifed instructions. Most instructions are more difficult to understand than yours are.



This applique looks like something I would enjoy doing. The tutorial was great.

Jeanne S

I love wool applique, but I don't do it very often, thanks for the great tips.


I LOVE working with wools and your tutorial is wonderful fro beginners...and I learned about the Clover pins, as well!

Thanks for the Blog Hop giveaway.


Just wanted to say thank you for the tutorial - it gives me so much more confidence!!


Thank you for the great photos in the tutorial...I have never seen any stitch but the blanket stitch used. Greta to learn something today.


susch cute projects! thanks for the tutorial.

Bonnie Nyquist

I must start doing wool applique,it looks so lovely! Very nice tutorial.


Thank you for the tutorial. I have never worked with wool but this makes me want to try it. Janie

Marlene Clausen

Definitly something to try this winter.


Love working with wool, but I have never tried wool applique. Thanks for the inspiration.


Can't wait to get started on a project using this information. Thank you so much, Evelyn


Never worked with wool - but I will now! I'm excited to try something new, thanks!

jean back

Love the colors in your photos
Enjoying the blog hop!


You have some very lovely designs - very nice tutorial also. Thanks!

Heidi Kaisand

I want to win!


What a great site! I love your ideas, and so will my daughter. I'm going to send a link to your site to her. Great to meet another MN quilter.

Danith Fryar

Thanks for the tutorial on wool applique!

Robin C

Gosh, my life has been busy and I just got to look at this and am I glad I did. Love, Love, Love wool applique. Thanks for all the hints.


I've never worked with wool before but you've definitely whet my appetite! Thanks for the lesson.

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