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    25 June 2009


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    I have not done much but collect wool this information is very cool.


    I love the info on quilting with wool . thanks

    Janet P.

    Great tutorial on wool. I have wanted to try using it, but held back. This has helped a lot!


    Your wool work is amazing! I've done a little and can't wait to try more now.

    Muriel Riggs

    Sweet things. Thanks for sharing.


    Beautiful wool work! Thanks for sharing.


    I haven't worked with wool as of yet in my quilting quest, but you've got some wonderful information here for me to use when I do...
    Thanks! 8-)


    This tutorial is so helpful! Thankyou for giving such clear visuals.I checked out your shop and there are soooo many patterns I want to make :)


    Love the tutorial. The shop I work in is getting ready to offer a BOM with wool applique - now I know what supplies we need and how to do it! Thanks so much.

    Trish Metcalfe

    I have never tried wool applique.
    But I would like to.

    Kay Talbott

    Absolutely wonderful tutorial! I am inspired to try it! Next trip to town, I'll be looking for some felted wool to try my hand at it. You make it look so easy; thanks.

    Miss Nancy

    The tutorial is so, so good. Thank you for sharing your talents and interest. I have done wool applique in the past and look forward to doing it again.

    Liz Boswell

    very nice! I just may dive into the woolies pool after reading your post! (muah) Liz


    I too enjoy working with woolfelt - easy to sew and a great finished result. I too used to paint with the Folk Art - is amazing how much quilters have in common. Thanks for sharing.


    Wool with embroidery.
    Thanlk you for the inspiraion.


    Hi.. I love reading about wool and seeing the projects you have made.. I have two wee pin cushion kits to make here (I seem to collect pincushions???) and I might have to drag them out and not be afraid of wool anymore!



    jan richards

    Thanks for the fun info on wool. I have never tried wool applique.
    Looks like fun.


    wonderful, wish I would be able to find more wool overhere in Europe


    This is a great article - I love working with wool and cotton best. They have similar but different properties and are both very easy to sew with. (: ~Page


    great tutorial .. something new to try! sure am enjoying this blog hop .. karen ca


    Thanks for the tutorial for felting wool. I have wool from clothing construction days that I might try felting.


    I love all the peeks of your wool projects... so inspiring!


    Great information....great tutorial. Thanks sew much. XXX Annie

    Joni M.

    Although I was in the Muddy Sheep Wool club for the last year, it was very fun. It looks like the calendar basket is one that I actually finished for the wall hanging that year in the club....very cute!! I love working with wool and wool applique..and combining that with cottons, velvets and embellishments. Thanks for the post and info.


    I love working with wool. Thanks for your colorful tutorial and the
    suggestion to leave loose edges for


    Now more things I want to try...I can't die before I'm about 140+. there are so many things I want to I'd better get back to the gym today and work on keeping myself fit! Lol

    Thanks so much for your Blog Hop today. Your work is beautiful.


    What lovely wool! Thank you for the tutorial.


    I love working with wool - you gave some great new ideas!

    Ann in NC

    I was in 4-H growing up too, and was in the Make it Yourself with Wool Contest! Fun memories! Great tutorial on working with wool. Thanks for sharing!


    Thank you for the info about you and wool applique...very inspirational!

    Dana Doerfler

    Awesome blog! I'm a wool fanatic - I absolutely love it!

    judy larson

    great tutorial- if I get to the cities soon I will check out your shop- i love all the cute wool things- might need to pick up a little project to work on in down time

    Gail McHardy

    Thanks for the info. I have done only one quilted wall hanging with wool for my MIL--she loved it.


    Loved your tutorial! I've been working with wools for a year now. It's always nice to get more tips.



    Thank you for the information on wool. I love the look and portability of working with wool projects.

    Linda F

    Wow this was great. I just dragged out my hand dyed wool and have been making penny rugs and your work really inspired me...thanks!

    Virginia Hendricks

    This is cool. I've not tried wool yet, but I may have to give it a shot sometime!

    Sandra Weimer

    I love to work with wool, too! Do you ever needlefelt it? Very habit forming!

    nikki moshier

    Thanks for the great explanation. Another craft for me to try :)

    Eileen Schmuker

    You make working with wool look so easy. Will have to give it a try.

    Marcia A in Evansville, IN

    Thank you for sharing ... beautiful work!!

    Linda O

    Thank you for the tutorial on wool. Lots of helpful tips.

    quiltmom( Anna)

    Very nice tutorial- And very nice strawberry needlekeeper- there are so many interesting needle crafts to explore. Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway.

    Delores Ingersoll

    That looks so fun. I will have to keep this project in the recesses of my brain for a future project. I hope that isn't too far in the future.


    I have never worked with wool, but your colours are yummy! The strawberry needlecase would be a great way to start. Thanks for the giveaway!


    I've never worked with wool. I'm going to give it a try, thanks.

    Sherry R

    I am one of those with a stash of wool skirts and slacks. They are on my "one of these days" lists.

    My great grandmother made quilts with like-weight fabrics; ie, corduroys and wools. I loved one specific quilt because of the different textures.

    Thank you for you part in the blog hop!


    Thank you for the ideas in your blog. I am inspired!


    thank you for lessons about wool, I have a little stash but haven't really used any yet.

    Olga C

    Haven't tried wool yet Olga


    Can't wait to see the AP&Q 2010 calendar! Congrats!

    Sue Goodin

    Thanks for the great tutorial. I learned some good hints. I want to thank you also for the giveaway.

    Susan Keller

    Thank You for all your tips. I've
    always loved working with wool and love making Penny Rugs. Love the 3D idea .

    Liz Tamiso

    Lovely designs - the strawberry needle holder would make a nice gift for a quilting buddy. Liz in CT

    Jennifer R.

    I've done a couple penny rugs - so much fun. It feels so good in your fingers.

    Kelly Jackson

    Wow, I don't think I've ever seen this many comments on anyone's blog before!!! Woweeeee!! Your work is beautiful.



    Thanks for the great wool tutorial! I have been collecting wool, but I just haven't worked with it yet. Now I know how and what to do with it. Thanks!

    Mary Carole

    Wool is hard to come by here in AZ.
    but I have seen a few as Show and Tell in my guild. Lovely project and great info. I spend a lot of time in cool Strawberry, the needle keeper would be cute in my sewing basket up there!!

    Randi Helling

    Roseann, thanks for the tutorial on working with wool. I enjoy your blog.


    i love that strawberry - our season is just about over!

    sandra f

    Love, Love , Love the wool.
    I visited your shop several years ago when traveling in Mn and was able to buy several of your yummy kits!


    What a cute pattern. I just wish the ole arthritic hands would let me hand sew.

    Cindy in TN

    Wool is so lovely. Thanks for the great tutorial.


    Love the look of wool, but don't have the patience for the hand-stitching that enhances it.

    Gail I.

    I have never taken the plunge to work with wool. Your tutorial is great and may just inspire me to give it a try!!
    Gail in MA


    Roseann - Those fork pins are new to me, and they look totally awesome. They're on my shopping list now! Thanks for sharing!


    Love handstitching a hot knife thru butter. Thanks for the blog hop!

    Jean Kehler

    I really enjoyed the tutorial on working with felted wool.


    Great wool tutorial..I have a couple wool projects this inspires me to start.


    What a delightful project for the BlogHop. Thanks!


    I have done a few small projects in wool...usually when I go to Bonnie's (Willowwood Market) retreats. I have enjoyed them and look forward to visiting your website. Thank you!

    Cindy B

    Thanks for lesson in wool. I haven't worked with wool yet but it looks very interesting, I think I will need to give it a try.


    Beautiful work!!

    Cecilia Hosford

    Another great site. It makes me want to try some wool, your pictures look so inviting and clear info. Thanks for joining in on this blog hop. I'm meeting a lot of new people with fun ideas!


    Holy Cow!! You have a lot of comments!! Thanks for the tutorial. Fun shop hop!


    Thanks for all the tips and hints on working with wool!


    Roseann,what a great tutorial! And wonderful, wooly pictures! I can just feel the wool looking at your photos. I love the floral projects! I'm loving this Hop!

    Cathy ♥

    Mary Meats

    Love love love your wool projects. Please add me to your drawings.


    I haven't done any wool projects before but am always willing to learn and try something new. Thanks for the tutorial.


    Hi from Eden Prairie, MN

    I haven't done a lot with wool, but you make it look like fun.

    Thanks for being part of the Blog Hop :-)!!


    A great tutorial. Now I feel I could done an easy woolen item. Your tutorial pictures were very helpful. Love the colors.


    Thanks for the wool lesson. You always come up with such great designs for your wool projects.


    I love working with wool, but my style is more modern. Thanks for the info!


    Roseann, I love working with wool. Great information in the tutorial and a great refresher. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. Laurie in Iowa.


    I just started using wool and I love it. Thanks for the tips. :-)


    Roseann, your work is absolutely beautiful!


    Marlys D,

    Thanks for the wool information and for being a part of this fun blog hop.


    The wool colors are soooooo beautiful. We don't see any wool in stores here in south Florida. I could get very interested in using it for embellishments. Thanks very much for the info.

    Kaye Bartolotti

    Your tutorial was very good. I love my quilting but have recently started to use the wool felt and really enjoy it. Many Thanks for a generous give-a-way.

    Sue H

    I've often wanted to try working with wool especially now when I see all the light and bright wool colors available. I just may give it a try. Thanks!

    Linda W

    Thank you for the wool applique primer. I have a few projects that include wool applique, but I have not yet gotten to the point of trying it yet, so I really appreciate the tips. I am enjoying this blog hop, thank you for being a part of it.

    Lorna Wainwright

    What a cute little 4 season penny rug! You are so I can't wait to embellish something with wool. Thank you! for fueling my imagination.

    Diane Branish

    Thank you for the great tutorial. Your wool stash looks yummy!

    Joan Kniffen

    I too love wool. I also enjoy recycling wool, as well as knitting with wool and then felting it. Thank you for showing your beautiful work.


    Thanks for the Wool Tutorial! Your Strawberry Needle Keeper looks great! Thank you!


    I have never worked with wool. Was afraid to try but now that I have read your tutorial I will give it a try for sure.

    Linda B.

    Thank you for this tutorial. I'm now interested in adding this technique to my quilts! This blog hop has/is a lot of fun!! Great idea!

    Lynn Osborne

    I never thought about using wool in my projects. I'm intrigued! Thanks for the chance to win!


    I love working with wool it is a great and dependable fibre.Have never made a quilt out of it as yet just small items

    Doris Carbone

    Great tutorial, thanks. For me it is out of the box, only been exposed to penny rugs. Love the designs and will have fun with my wool stash with this inspiration.

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