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    25 June 2009


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    Working with wool is my favorite thing to do. It's such a tactile thing.


    Thanks for the nice lesson. I love these designs!


    informative tutoria!Makes me want to pull out the wool kit I got as a gift and give it a try.


    Thanks for the wool info.

    Marty Bradbury

    What a great tutorial. Makes me want to try it!


    Hi. Thanks for showing- I haven't playyed with wool, but it will be fun to try.. Hugs.


    thank you so much for the easy steps in using wool I have done a few projects now I am ready to start again.


    Beautiful! Thank you so much for the project!


    Thanks for the information--the wool projects look wonderful


    I may just have to branch out into wool after reading your blog. Thanks for being part of the blog hop!


    That's fabulous information, thank you ... I'll bookmark this page so I can refer to it when I stitch my penny rug :o).
    Joy :o)

    Sally in St. Paul

    perhaps a good project to do in the fall -when it is not so hot, especially for those of us who do not live in an air-conditioned home.

    Vivian L

    Thanks for so much information about wool. Makes me want to jump in and try some projects for myself. Another great day on the blog hop.

    Michelle Kupreisis

    I've never used wool before but now I'd like to give it a try! I love flowers and what a cute strawberry!

    Betty Sazama

    thanks for all the good ideas! this blog hop is so much fun!

    Michelle S.

    This blog hop is a great idea. Thanks for all of the tips on working with wool. Someday I'll have to give it a try!


    Your work is beautiful


    I'm a huge wool fan. I make pincushions and decorative pins and have a wall quilt with wonderful wool flowers. thanks for your tips.
    Sarah in Houston

    Connie Haack

    I too love to work with wool but until today I wasn't able to find any really good websites! I am so thankful for the BlogHop! I have found so many interesting websites. Thanks!

    Kathy Howard

    FAbulous informative post -- one day I will try wool :)

    Kimberly Mason

    Yeah! This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for! Thank you so much for the post.

    I used to be a spinner and a knitter (as well as being a quilter) and it always seemed that I got MORE excited about wool when summer came around. I wonder why that is?


    One of these days, I'm going to try a wool project. They are soooo pretty.


    I have never worked with wool and it looks like a lot of fun to work with. Thank you for offering us this great prize. I am glad to have found you through the Minnesota Blog Hop. Take care and God bless, Cory


    I've just started trying projects with I appreciate your tips today! And, what a cute strawberry! Thanks for the giveaway!!


    Wool is so easy to use. I've been working with it for over 40 years,(did I really say that out loud?) and still get a kick out of seeing it work together so quickly. And I use floss as well, partly because that is how I learned, but I enjoy the "finer" look of the piece.
    Oh, and I love the drawer or box full of flowers!!

    Christine Thomas

    Your post is very encouraging. My Mom has worked with wool and really likes it. So now maybe I will, too. Thanks for this tutorial.


    I've never made anything with wool, but am determined that one day I will! I really do love the look of it!


    I've found a kindred soul!!! I have recently fallen in love with wool and can't seem to get enough of it!! I am used to seeing drab colors of wool but now that I have discovered lush yellows and bright oranges, I can't get enough. I bought a monthly sampler pattern to get my feet wet but now I don't want to cut my wool!!!! Is there any help for me? :)

    Amy Roth

    Roseann, thanks for the tips on wool applique. I found that I really like hand work, like needle-turn applique, which I shied away from for a long time, thinking it would be too hard. So if I can do that, I know I can do wool! The pictures here are simply gorgeous! Beautiful work!

    Mary jo Larson

    I love this blog hop. I had no idea there are so many great designers in MN, my home. Thanks for the wool inspiration. Its on my to do list. MJ


    oooo, I've been trying so hard not to start any new projects and then you go and put those gorgeous pictures up. I surrender . . . gotta go pet my wool now. Thanks!!!! :-)


    Just wanted to say I enjoy your blog. This blog crawl is a great idea. Also enjoyed the craft crawl last Friday. Hope to be able to go again! Thanks for the info on wool. I haven't ventured into wool yet, but may be some day! :o)

    ida lively

    What a cute idea for a 'pineapple' quilt. =-) Thanks for sharing!

    Linda A

    Such amazing detailed photos that make all of the steps appear so easy! It would be fun to use those techniques to add appliques to clothing. Thank you for such a colorful project!

    Laura Flynn

    Hi Roseann,
    It's 95 degress here in Florida today and I'm thinking how great it would be to make something with wool - you're a bad influence! I've been enjoying your designer blog-hop, so happy for the success it is having. I've given the blog-hop a mention in my weekly email. Keep up the great designing!

    Nancy Anne

    I haven't done much wool applique, but I think you might have inspired me to do a piece. more thing to add to my to-do list!


    Thanks for posting your link to your blog on P & R forum! I enjoyed my visit. Been thinking about making some penny rugs.



    I look forward to each new day to see what' new in the blog hop. Wonderful projects, lessons and inspiration. Thanks so much


    I love wool appliqué. Your wool colors are wonderful!


    I am loving this blog hop! Thanks for all the great "wooly" tips!


    I've always wanted to try working with wool!


    I have always loved the look of the felted wool but have never tried making anything with it. I would love to make the basket of flowers like you made and I do adore the strawberry needlekeeper you have set as a prize. I would love to win that!
    Love this blog hop!


    Thanks so much for the info. I am always looking for projects that I can take along.

    Jean Burke

    Thank you for the lovely ideas and great tips for working with wool. You make it seem like so much fun! Thanks for your generosity! Piece....


    I've never worked with wool before but I'm intrigued now and will have to give it a try. Thanks for the visual examples!

    Sharlene Klegstad

    I'm starting to love working with wool too. I purchased the cute apple candle pad that is sold in your store & it turned out so cute. Thanks for the inspiration!


    I need to get into wool! I can just see my husbands face now...

    Kay Derner

    Beautiful wool. Great patterns. Kay

    Judy in Michigan

    I love working with wool - thank you for giving me some ideas-I hadn't thought of using wool to do patchwork - what a great idea! Thanks.


    Such beautiful things! Thank you for this introduction to working with wool!


    I just may have to try working with wool. I have never done it before, but you have peaked my interest. (grin) Winona


    Wish my allergies would let me work with wools. Great tutorial.

    cindy hagen

    of course i meant wool!!

    cindy hagen

    What alot of good info you gave us. Of course it's hard to think about qool when our heat index in 110!!


    I love wool applique!


    I have not played with wool, but I may have to give it a try. Thanks for the tips!


    Glad to find your blog and webstore. Just starting to work with wool and your tutorial is very helpful.


    Wonderful tutorial. the pictures really help!

    Brenda Funaro

    Okay - I am totally in LOVE! I love felting and have tinkered in it. I am in an ornament exchange and last year for Christmas I learned to felt for my ornaments -whew that was work but fun! I have felt a few table toppers but LOVE the use of it with a quilt! OmYGosH, I am sooo in love with your creation!

    Nancy Bird

    Great post today!

    Bonnie Tucker

    Thanks for the helpful hints. I have just started cutting up wool clothes to try my hand at felting.


    I love wool, and glad to have "discovered" your blog and web site. I'll be back!


    I have worked a little bit with with wool. All these tips are fantastic and will help with future projects. THANKS.


    Thank you so much for doing this blog hop! It is the coolest thing I've seen in blogdom in a while!!
    I would never have thought of mixing wool aplique with a cotton quilt but you can be asured that I will try it at some point in my quilting life. Thank You!!!!!!

    Carol Ann

    I just cant think "in wool" on this beautiful summer day, but thanks for the lovely lesson.


    I can't get over how cute these things are! I love wool appliques, simply love them.

    mary shoop

    I also Love wool always have a project with me for hand work its relaxing and so easy


    Even though I am about a hundred miles away from you, I have been to your shop. It is on my short list of favorites. I love working with wool also.

    Kristy Z

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am always afraid to work with different materials on the same project. This makes me a little less scared, I just gotta let my creativity get the best of me instead of my fear. heehee.

    Can't wait to work with wool, I love the cute, soft look you get from it.

    Thanks again and Happy Blog Hopping!


    I have never done any projects with wool...I bellieve that will cahnge...thanks


    I love the look of all the wool projects but have never done one myself. Time to branch out? Thanks for participating in the blog hop.

    Elaine Markofski

    I've just started to work with
    wool this past year-it's such a
    nice easy project to carry with
    me. Thanks for all the information.

    Katie :)

    I always love your wool projects! And the strawberry needle keeper is no exception. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful tips on working with wool!


    I was just at the Duluth quilt show and purchased pattern/wool to make a pin cushion. Thought it would be a good project to learn from. Thanks for your inspirational work as well.

    Michelle F.

    Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on all things wool! I have made a few small projects with wool and it is yummy.

    Patti M

    I love being a "blog hopper". Applique is my all-time favorite.....but, I've never tried it with wool. You've made it sound sooooo easy in your tutorial that I'm anxious to give it a try. I simply love your bin full of strawberry flowers.....e-gads....thats a lot of little flowers! Thanks Roseann :-)

    Colette Rowberry

    Something new to me. Looking forward to try working with wool.


    Oh, I want to jump into your blog and "steal" all of that wool!

    Jo Anne

    Thanks for the interesting article about working with wool. I have done some, and am looking forward to doing more wool projects. Your blog is always very interesting.

    Jackie Hicks

    Thanks for sharing - you make it look so easy I might be tempted to try somthing small.

    Lana H.

    Oh how I love to work with wool. Yes, it is so much fun to work with and so easy too. Thank you for sharing all of this wonderful information. Lana H.


    Cute project. I have some lovely felted wool at my house - it's time to pull it out and do a project or two. Thanks.

    Kathie L.

    I've never worked in wool, except for clothes that I made ages ago in high school. You may tempt me to add this as a new project.


    I'm a quilter and a freezer cook----I understand all kinds of uses for freezer paper, including wrapping those yummy breakfast burritos. But I love to use it for wool too.

    Sheila Kelly

    Now I know where to get some great wool pieces. Thanks for instructions on how to use it in your projects. Thanks for taking part in the blog hop!! Sheila K


    Thank you for your great pictures and tips on working with wool. I have been saving some wool garments to use for just such projects. You are a good inspiration for me.

    Betty C

    Your work is beautiful. I have been doing some projects with wool applique. I would like to know what seam allowance you use when you do wool piecing?

    Norma Bourgeois

    Gudrun referred me to your blog - it's so colorful and makes me want to begin doing wool applique today!

    quilter going bananas

    Love all the pics of the lucsious wool! This blog hop is so much fun :^)

    Carol R

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on wool. To be perfectly honest, I have never worked with wool. I thought it would be too hard to work with. After reading this article, I am itching to try it. Thank you for sponsoring a lovely giveaway.

    Pam Matttingley

    Thanks so much for your wool tute. I've wondered several times about using wool and think I'll have to give it a try. Love your new 2 me site. Pam

    Kelly Wenhold

    I'm addicted to wool also! Our local quilt shops apparently aren't because of the lack of wool! I love to go to quilt shows to gather all the supplies - but now I'm going to check out your website.

    Carol M

    thanks for all you have shared. I've been wanting to give wool projects a try and ou shared a lot of info that will help me. Love your work!


    Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I have never worked with wool and always wanted to. I have a wool kit for an applique table topper but have been afraid to start it but you've given me that courage to get to it. As God as my witenss, I will never be afraid of wool again (I'm chaneling Scarlett O'Hara here)!!


    Thank You so much! At our monthly quilt group meeting yesterday, here in Idaho, we exchanged wool and learned how to make a Penny Rug! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Jill S.

    Beautiful! I love the wool! Thank you for sharing!

    Pat Sloan

    such a great blog.. but I want FULL PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!! I'm NO demanding!!!!

    And I want that needlecase pattern too..



    You make it look sew easy!!! The strawberry needlekeeper might be the perfect way to start. BTW - lovely blog and THANKS for sharing. I'll be back :)

    Linda Austin

    Thank you!!! I've just begun my love affair with wool projects and the tutorial came at a great time...I'm looking at patterns trying to make a choice on which one to start...the strawberry wool looks perfect!! I'll definitely have to order one, if I don't win!!


    Thanks for sharing you passion with us! The blog hop is an awesome idea, and I hope more people get together to do this. It's been so fun learning new things from really talented ladies! Thanks!!

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