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Car Show Quilt Show


Every Friday night during the Summer, North St Paul holds a classic car show. People begin pulling in around dinner time to show off their cars. Vendors set up food and music stalls ... there's a ton of family oriented fun all night long. Last night, the Northern Material Girls quilt guild decided to add to it all with an airing of their quilts during the car show. Pretty quilts ... classy cars ... all rolled into one.  Perfect weather brought out the crowds!



City works strung clotheslines for the guild earlier in the day and then at about four o'clock the members arrived to hang quilts. There were a lot! Some went on the lines and other covered the railing of the DEW building next door. A light breeze tilted the corners up so you could see the back.




Every space was used to hang the quilts ... and amazingly there was just enough line hung!




Some of the car colors complimented the quilts. Planned? Or coincidental! You be the judge. It was such a great night ... so ... are you girls going to do it again? Sounds like a topic for discussion at the next meeting!






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Nita Stelling

A car and quilt show rolled into one. It won't be surprising if the event drew in quilt enthusiasts, too. All these patterns around the cars seem to make the event more festive.


My husband and I would love that since we love old cars and quilts!


Dang! Another fun time with my quilter pals that I missed!!!! Looks like the weather was awesome for the show!


Those quilts are beautiful!! Lots of talent there. Thanks for sharing.

sandi a.

Oh, how I wish I could have seen that in person! I love old cars and quilts and my husband loves old cars! We would have had a grand time but I can't walk right anyway with my back problem but maybe next year!!


What a wonderful idea!!! Fun for the whole family.

Amy Rochelle

What a wonderful idea! The quilts (and cars) are terrific. . . .

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