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    27 July 2009


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    Bobbi in Cottage Grove

    Love those quilts..they sure are going to be popular ! I really like the feathers quilted in between the rows. Will have to try that some day! Love the center pieces done up by Terry....did she bring her fiesta ware from home?? Don't remember seeing those in the cupboards in May.


    This is hilarious, but what a great idea :-)

    Tammy from

    Those are great looking quilts. And what a fun way to create charity quilts. I'll be recommending something like this to my LQS owner.

    sandi a.

    Cute post!! Looks like you all had a really great time and then what you did is going to make a really great time for the recipient of the quilt!! Cool!!


    Looks like loads of fun! And three lovely quilt tops made to donate as well! What a great idea! :0)

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