So long North St Paul ... hello White Bear Lake!
Who's got Cooties?

It's a whole new look!


Ok ... this is fun! Setting up the new store has been almost painless and it's looking so cool!! None of our furniture looks or feels the same now ... it's hard to imagine how it looked before. It could be because of the white walls ... or maybe the dark carpeting ... or just different spacial relationships. I don't know what it is but I'm loving the general store look we're getting.

 IMGP5299  IMGP5300  IMGP5314  IMGP5312

I wish I could say that putting every little thing in the right place was all my doing. It's not.  Chris and Deb have done the majority of the work ... Celine from Perkins Dry Goods and Sherri from This and That came by to help on Monday ... Bob's been there with power tools ... Teddy has been lugging stuff over from North St Paul after his classes end each day. Jeri will be in on Saturday and she's fast at putting things in the right place. I just stand around and point in different directions.

IMGP5303  IMGP5304 

IMGP5306  IMGP5308 

We've got this terrific Autumn island in the middle of the store. It's nice to have projects and patterns and gifts that compliment each other grouped all together.

I love this redware from a potter in Illinois ... all hand painted and most pieces with black backgrounds. The zig zag around the edge looks like prairie points.

The wool area is beginning to take shape. I have two huge baskets of hand dyed wool in the hide out to be brought over along with bundles of wool roving. Pretty corner!

 IMGP5291 IMGP5292 

The decision to add gifts back into the mix really changes the way the store feels. I love how these Christmas items go perfectly with the spools of antique tinsel. Reproduction milk bottles are begging to be filled with trinkets. Perfect for secret santas at the retreat! A basket of holly wreaths makes me almost wish the holidays were right around the corner!



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Karla Overland

I may have to come early to the Sewing Expo to make time to visit the new shop. Looks great

Jamie Kalvestran

Looking forward to seeing it in person.


Roseanne, your new shop looks wicked cute! I wish I could see it in person!!!!


The new space is really shaping up nicely, Roseann! I cannot wait to see it in the spring when I come back to visit!


It looks so nice! I wish that I lived closer.


WOW!!! Roseann, it's looking fabulous!!!! I so wish I could pop on over, can't wait to see it.

Celine Perkins

It looks great! I can't wait to come back up and see it again.

pat sloan

I'm going to move right in!

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