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Who's got Cooties?


We went to the antique show at Har Mar Mall last Friday and look what I stumbled upon ... a perfect Cootie game! Seeing it brings me right back to being six years old ... sitting at the kitchen table and assembling the cooties ... making them march in rows ... and when I was done putting them all back into their exact places in the box.


I've seen parts of Cootie games at shows before but never one that had everything ... the directions ... all the bodies and their parts ... a perfect box. I never knew there were rules for this game ... had no idea you used dice. Playing with the Cooties at our house was kind of a quiet activity for rainy days or when you were home sick from school. Mom kept them up high in a cupboard that needed a chair and counter to get to. I don't know what happened to them after we cleared out the house ... hope they're in good hands.


Look how cute they are all lined up in their box ... legs stuck into their holes ... bodies grouped together in one partition ... those little red eyes looking back at you. Kind of creepy kind of fun. But they look even better assembled and standing on their little green legs! So glad I found this treasure.