It's Rosebud's Cottage on the Cross Country Christmas!
Prizes for a few lucky quilters!

Crafting for Christmas!


Crafting and Christmas are one and the same to me. Maybe it started as a little kid making paper chains and then expanded into a way of life. Glitter and sequins and paper and fabric are just what happens when December rolls around. Secretly? I think about Christmas projects all year long!

Now, before you do anything else, run over to Linda's blog to see what she has going on for our last project. I met her four years ago when we were seat mates on a bus to Des Moines to American Patchwork's Creative Circle event for designers. I knew who she was before then from her magazine work and her books through Leisure Arts and could. not. believe. I was sitting next to her! Pinch me. She likes all kinds of creative work and we both have boys. Instant bond!

You've probably guessed that I'm big into memories. What better way to enjoy them than to journal all the things that mean so much to me during the holidays! I few years ago, I took an online class from Shimelle that focused on just that ... recording Christmas memories. I loved making this altered art book because I could just junk it up with all kinds of stuff I'd collected. I can't even close the thing there's so much weird stuff in it. Ok ... but the memory of putting it together is a memory all its own! I did it in my hotel room at the Country Inn and Suites in Ankeny, Iowa. At that point in time, I was driving down from Minnesota each week to Des Moines to write web content for American Patchwork. Being in their offices all day was so interesting and then having this project waiting for me in my room was exciting. It was a great time in my life. Take a peek at some of the other pages.

I tried to record things that we did that December ... we went to the Ordway to see White Christmas ... loved it when they made it snow on the audience ... and this was the first holiday season after Macy's took over all the Dayton's stores ... I was so upset I refused to spend the $10 gift card they sent me. (Still haven't gotten over it just in case you wanted to know. ) And don't you love that Bob has a line of candy canes?

Sometimes I'll pull out the felting needles and make something with wool roving ... like these jingle bells!

 IMGP5574 IMGP5570 

Other times it's paper and fibers or wool and floss that attract my attention.

Oooooh ... and I love to paint! We're moving all of my acrylics into the hideout this weekend and I'm itching to bring out the brushes.

Both of these were ribbon winners at the Minnesota State Fair!

When I'm overwhelmed by it all, it feels great to sit down and pick up a needle. What's that phrase? "My soul is fed by needle and thread."

Sometimes it's fun to craft with others ... yes ... gingerbread houses are crafting. The first Christmas after we were married, Bob and I decided to make a gingerbread house. One of those romantic newlywed ideas. We get into fits of laughter when ever we bring it up. You need an engineering degree and six extra sets of hands to pull it off. Now we get our kicks from looking at them in Grandma's Bakery. But every now and then I see Bob glancing wistfully at the house kits.

I love sharing crafting times with others ... I think it fun to share what you know ... and the people you do it with give you so much back in return! I'll never forget the good times Bryn and I had last year at the hideout making gifts for her family. Crafting with kids ... especially when they're making something extra special ... adds a new dimension to your life.

 Bryn Christmas 2008
And when I'm not making something for the holidays, I'm thumbing through magazines to look for new ideas ... or reading an interesting Christmas novel someone else has crafted.

Well ... this is the end of the road for the Cross Country Christmas blog hop. Hasn't it been fantastic? So I'm guessing you want to know what happens next. We've decided to leave the comments open through the weekend ... that will give everyone time to catch up on the reading and leave their thoughts. On Monday we'll draw names of winners, then we'll check our lists to see if there's a winner who posted on every blog on the bloggers day. On Tuesday Gudrun (and the rest of us) will announce the winner. Good luck to each of you ... and have a very merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!!



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Linda P

Thanks Roseann for being part of the blog hop..and sharing your project and all of your pictures and has been great to meet everyone and listen to you all meet each other, LOL
Linda P in IL

Piecefully, Pam

I LOVE the wool felted/roved jingle bells!!! They're SO...SEW fun!!! : )


Thank you so much for this blog hop. I have enjoyed it so much!


Loved your journal. Thanks for all the sharing. I really enjoyed the blog hop.

Leslie Schmidt

Thank you so much for telling me about this hop when I was in your store a couple of weeks ago. I've really felt blessed to have found so many new friends. And I still say you have the best photos on any blog I've ever seen. So talented.

Julie in WA

I am so sad this hop is all over. My daughter will be glad to have me back again; I have been spending waaaay too much time on the computer. But it has been great fun! BTW, I love the whimsical gingerbread house!


Thank you so much for sharing with us during this blog hop. I have really enjoyed the stories and ideas.


"My soul is fed by needle and Thread" I have never heard that before, I think this will find its way on a sampler in my quilting room. blessings to you and yours


Thanks so much for the Blog Hop. I now have more blogs in my favorites to read. Now if only we could add more hours in the day.


I don't think I could paint ( yours are wonderful) but I'd like to give the felted jingle bells a shot! And I love the stockings,too! Thanks for sharing and participating in this wonderful blog hop. I have enjoyed everyday! Merry Christmas!


your scrapbook is amazing!


This have been a lot of fun, thank you sooooo much for all the wonderful memories and projects all of you made for us! way to go!


I just wish I had half as creativity as you do. I love looking at your project pics - always makes me smile!


Roseann, it has really been my pleasure getting to know you these past couple weeks.
I think one of the best parts of crafting with children is watching their faces and the anticipation of the reaction of theri recipiant of the gift they are making. They want to make it a surprise, but then they want mom or dad to open their gift ... the excitement rises!!
Thanks so much for sharing your stories, your hideout, but most of all, I keep remembering your service to our country, and how that surprised me - God bless you.


Thanks so much to you and all the designer's for this great blog hop. It really got me inspired. Loved all the topics and stories and memories and....I love to sew and craft, too, so have already enjoyed making a couple of the projects. I always love the photos on your crisp, clear and enticing!


Wow. That altered art book is the greatest I've ever seen. What a delightful way to remember the holidays. I am in awe. You did an absolutely wonderful job.


Thanks for such a great week. I've been enjoying all your posts, and projects.


Thank you for this great blog hop. It has been so much fun!


Gracias por todos y cadauno de los doce dias del compartir.hasta pronto


Love your altered, what memories in there! Thank you for sharing your traditions and memories with us hoppers! It was a hoot to read them.

Penne Sherer

Thanks so much for the "Blog Hop". It was wonderful getting know a little about each of you and what you all do in the design world. I haven't actually made anything yet but do have several favorites that I will be sure to make .....probably not before Christmas though..LOL

I love the saying "My soul is fed by a needle and thread" that is so how I feel....


Oh my heavens, you are a talented woman! I love everything you showed us. Wow. Thanks for all your hard work and generosity! It's been fun!

Sandy Hansen

Thanks so much for sending the link to the blog hop. It's been great fun to see what's out there each day and to read the wonderful stories.


Oh my goodness, thank you so much for being part of the blog hop!!! I have enjoyed your posts so much. You certainly have a lot of talent for one person! Thank you for sharing your JYC journal with us.

Cindy C.

OH, how I love the felted jingle bells. I have all the "fixins'" to felt but have never taken the plunge to teach myself.

Yes, I even have the book to show me how.

What a wealth of talent you are - I am in awe of the many creative minds that have blessed us with their projects during this 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. Thank you.


Surely you've tried making Martha's gingerbread house! hahahahaha

Thx so much for all that you did for this great hop. It was one of the more enjoyable events in my pre-holiday life this year.

Mary Ann Dove

This has been so much fun and going back I realized that I missed things the first time. Thanks gals.
Mary Ann Dove


Have enjoyed this blog hop and getting to know more about you. You and all the other designers are so talented. Will stop by your blog regularly. Thank you.


This has been a lot of fun. I appreciate you ladies doing this and the thought and time that went into it. It's wonderful for those of us that can't do a driving shop hop because of time or just whatever reason. Thank you.

Gale Lavers

You are certainly talented with so many hobbies and pictures for proof. Thank you for being part of the blog hop. Wishing you and your family a safe and Merry Christmas.

Margi Borck

Love all your kewl stuff Roseann. I too am a fan of Shimelle and am currently taking a digi scrapbooking class with her. Thanks for all the great posts!


Thanks for sharing all of your talents and inspiring the rest of us to explore our own.

Darlene B

I love your painted Santa - so cute! You certainly have a lot of varied talents. it's been fun getting acquainted with all these great blog hop designers.


This has just been so much fun. It's been like getting to know new friends. Thanks for taking the time to write something everyday. I think I am going to miss all of you gals. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Ellen Boynton

Thanks, Roseann! It's been a great kick-off to the Christmas Season.


Thanks for the fun, I've enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Linda H

Thanks so much. Great to meet you. Happy Holidays


Three cheers (or should I say 12 cheers) for these great blogs. Thanks to all.


Thank you Roseann! I enjoyed your posts so much..... makes me miss you & the gals so much more though.....:0(


Thank you so much for being part of this Christmas Blog Hop - this was a fun creative advent to the Advent season. Thank you for sharing everyday. HUGS... and stitches

Linda Lum DeBono

Great post! I love that photo of you in the scrapbook. Love you too! Linda

cindy Boyenga

what a delightful blog...i loved reading your articles and especially the ones that go back to memories all the quilt and craft projects as well! Have a happy Thanksgiving! cidy

Mary C

Crafting for Christmas makes it a Homemade Christmas and that is the best kind of Christmas to my family!
I already read the Quilter's hloiday. Can hardly wait for the Aloha Quilt coming next April. Thanks for sharing with all of us on this Blog Hop!


Well... is still technically Day 11 here but... I lvoe all of your crafts. It is a must around our house too!

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