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    11 November 2009


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    Jo McGuire

    Thank you and your family for watching over all of us. It is people like you that make the U.S. A. such a wonderful place for everyone. Your words are so real, I feel as if I new your Mom.


    Memories! in the corners of my mind! Wonderful, colorful, loving memories! I love this hop!


    This Blog Hop is so much fun -- the stories are great & launch me right back to my childhood in Northern IL. Can't wait to see what you all have for us next!

    Busy Little Quilter

    I love reading about your memories. I have a lot of special ones, too, and they, too, are mostly about my Mom doing everything for Christmas.

    I had an ant farm, too!

    Jayne Honnold

    Awww, that is such a tender story of the neighbor. The line about not remembering her face really gets me.


    I loved to read when I was a kid, it was my fave christmas gift

    Sheila Carita

    Great stories, thank you for sharing



    Sandy Rowe

    Thanks for sharing your Christmas'. One year--it must have been when I was in first grade, my mom got me a "Dick and Jane" book. I so loved it, I suppose because it was MINE! When I was in fifth grade, my sister threw it into the fire because "you are too old" for it.

    Sue Goodin

    I got Dick & Jane books a few years ago and a few months later I went to read to one of my grandsons and he said "No more Dick and Jane please Grandma"


    I can't believe you still have all these wonderful gifts in your possession! No wonder the Hideout is such a special place!


    OK, so what was in that last box (last pic) ??? Thanks for the great story!

    Penny Fraley

    It's interesting how something as simple as a book, or an ant farm can be so special.


    Such sweet memories :-)


    I love the "remembering" part of Christmas. As the years have gone by the gifts have become less important. It's all about getting together and just enjoying time with family and doing lots of "remembering" and catching up on what's new, too.

    Christine Thomas

    What sweet memories you shared. Thank you.


    For many Christmas sure is about the gift´s thank you for sharing

    Julie in WA

    I think we remember the gifts that brought great waves of emotion...usually something we sooo desperately wanted but never thought we could have, or, something so unexpected yet pleasing that we were just tickled at the thoughtfulness that went into that gift. It is all emotions, man.

    Tammy L

    I love the doll dress! My mother made many dresses for my dolls also.


    It is so fun to read everyone's Christmas memories. It really takes me back to when I was a child.


    Que recuerdos tan dulces, me encanta como enlaza sus palabras producen emocion ,gracias por compartir.


    Wonderful story thank you for sharing!


    Iva ... that book is as wonderful today as it was when I was six! Love everything about it ... the artwork the typestyle ... everything!!

    Mary Flynn

    I've been enjoying reading everyone's memories..they sure are bringing back some of my own.


    Yes, it is alot about remembering. And how I love those memories - atleast the ones I can remember....LOL


    Wonderful memories. Thank you.

    Iva!!! I had that same book as a very little girl and just absolutely loved it. I have no idea what happened to it, but always recall it with great fondness.


    Great story. It's all about the memories.


    Oh, the ant farms! I used to love those! Thanks for the cute post!


    You are so good at descriptions - I'm beginning to wish I had your childhood! Thanks for the wonderful reminders of what this special holiday is really all about.


    Aww you made me cry... lovely!


    Very touching story. A reminder to us all that we never know how much we may effect someone with little gifts of the heart.


    Love the great memories Roseann. Some of my fondest are of those that my Mom and Aunties made me. My very first Barbie was my very first store bought present and they crocheted me tons of outfits for her!


    Yes, I agree, nice post. Your memory of an ant farm gave me a chuckle. I had one too, only I didn't lose interest for quite a while!

    Leslie Schmidt

    I'm so enjoying your memories, Roseann. You've really got the knack for letting the emotion show without being sappy. It's very touching.

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