We interrupt this blog hop for an important message ... Friday November 20 is the Creative Craft Crawl!
Crafting for Christmas!

It's Rosebud's Cottage on the Cross Country Christmas!

 Open door

Well how about that ... the blog hop is nearing the end.  It seemed so far away when we first began on November 9th but here we are and now it's my turn. So let me introduce myself ... I'm Roseann Meehan Kermes and I'm the owner of Rosebud's Cottage in White Bear Lake, Minnesota.

Unlike the other bloggers, I'm the only one who has a storefront. It's been so fun hearing what all of my customers have to say about the blog hop. Quilters have come into the store with their patterns printed looking for supplies.  It makes me smile to think there are hundreds out there doing the same thing!

While the others design for their own companies, my designs are often used in the store, or sent off to various publications. I have had a long history with Better Homes & Gardens, contributing to their painting and crafting magazines before coming to American Patchwork and Quilting about eight years ago. You've probably seen my projects in APQ or Quilts and More. Last Spring, I was even a cover girl! Beginning in 2010, you'll also be able to see my work in Scrapbooks, Etc.

I do behind-the-scenes work for a number of companies in the quilting industry, too. Several years ago, I was asked to help write the web site content for All People Quilt. That was fun! I worked with OLFA as their education coordinator until I became a job-loss statistic last year. There are lots of interesting opportunities in the industry and I've been lucky to be invited to take part in so many of them.

My interests aren't just in quilting ... I love working with paints and brushes ... as well as altered art ... needle felting ... doll making ... photography ... anything and everything. You've probably heard me refer to the 'hideout' ... it's around the corner from the store and it's where I have all of my  creative stuff. Some people would call it a studio but the word workshop works better for me. I love being there.


The hideout and it's proximity to my home was the reason I chose to move my store back to White Bear Lake  last month.  WBL is one of those pretty towns ... the kind women choose to go to for a day out or lunch with a friend.  Lots of hands-on businesses in town ... most owned by women. I do miss North St Paul and all the people there. It was where we were photographed when we were a Quilt Sampler shop in 2004 ... the town I grew up shopping at. It has special memories for me. 

But now, you need to get busy making my project! First, go down load the directions for my  Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher.


I used a Moda layer cake for my project ... Essence by Sandy Gervais. The trick to working with precuts is not to be fussy about colors or designs matching. For the  'cookies and bars' I chose pieces that looked like gingersnaps or fudge bars. I used two reds for the corner flips that make up the 'frosted bars'. Ya ... I take this all literally! For my borders I picked two with the same design even though their colors were different. Three different reds are the binding and have a scrappy look. For the back I just sewed up four that looked interesting to me. You can do the same thing by working from your stash. On the pdf you'll find supply information so look there for more information.

 Corner flips 

One basic sewing skill you'll need to make this project is how to do a corner flip. Kari has her Clearly Perfect tool on her blog and if you have one, use it ... it's such a time saver! If you don't here, are the step to making them.

  1. Draw a diagonal line on the back of each small square and then pin it in the corner like the first photo. Stitch on the line.
  2. Use a rotary cutter to trim exactly 1/4" beyond the seam line.
  3. Press the corner flips away from the center. That's it! One tip ... because I was piecing together so many of the corner flips, I watched which way they were going together and then pressed the seams that were joining in opposite directions.

 Crumb catcher center

Here's how the center of the crumb catcher will look. Notice that the bars in the top and bottom rows are going up and down and the one in the center is going across. You'll piece and sew the borders on after you get this part completed. One helpful product for these projects with a ton of seams ... I use Mary Ellen's Best Press before I square it. It makes everything lie flat.


I am horrible at machine quilting and even worse at stitching in the ditch. So to overcome that, I quilt small projects this way. I use the left side of my presser foot and guide it along a seam on the top of the quilt. It gives me a stitching line that's a little deeper than a 1/4". I always use my needle-down feature so that I can pivot at intersections. I back stitch one stitch at the end. For this project, I went inside the gold cookies and then on the outside of the points in the border.  

The Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher measures 13" square and is perfect for setting under a tray of Christmas cookies! What will yours look like? I'd love it if you would post a photo on our Flickr page.

Don't forget you need to post a comment on my blog today ... and on the project days of each of the others, too, in order to be put into the drawing for the grand prizes!

And there are prizes for some lucky individuals from me today, too! My pals at OLFA have given me some cutters and rulers to give away.  I'm including a copy of the Winter2009 Quilts and More ... where you'll be able to see my delightful cherry pincushions inside and on the cover as well! On Friday, I'll pull four names from those who commented.

To get to all of the other designers, click right here!

Thanks for coming to my blog today and for taking part in the blog hop. Happy holidays!!



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Mary Ellen

Fun post, Roseann!


Darn it, I missed the last two days of the blog hop to make comments. Congrats to the winners.

I just wanted to let you know that I look forward to making the cookie crumb mat. Hopefully, I can have it done for my granddaughters before Christmas Eve.

You know how it is with lots of projects looming before the holidays.

Thanks for sharing with us and I look forward to reading your blog in the future.


Gotta love crumb-catchers - better to now know how to make them. Thanks so much! Your's are beautiful.


Thank you for participating in the blog hop. It was great fun!

Donna Russell

Love the pattern! Thanks!


I love the crumb catcher ... thank you, thank you!

kristen - gock's frocks

fantastic! I am envious of your hideout! I think I am putting one on my list for Santa!

kristen - gock's frocks

oh wow! this hop was such a great idea... I am quite envious of your storefront & hideout! I think I am putting a hideout on my list for santa!


Thanks for the pattern. This blog has been great.

Jeanne H

Thank you for sharing your Christmas traditions and also the pattern for the crumb catcher, very cute.

Debbie e

I think I already commented on the cookie crumble but if not...
thanks for the pattern


Another fabulous project.... Crumb catcher... love it! Thanks again for the time and effort put into this hop. It's been a blast.


Cookies and quilts - all my favorite things!

JoyLyn R

Great project, I'm off to the sewing room to whip one up. Thanks!


MMMMMM cookies


What a cute pattern! It's definitely one to have perfect corners when making :)

kolbrún Björnsdóttir

I love the cookie crumb catcher, thanks I know i will make at least one


Enjoyed the hop - thank you for sharing stories, ideas, patterns, etc.


It was so good to see your design, thank you for sharing! I also enjoyed reading about your shop, I wish I could visit it (but I am soooooo far away... it is just a dream...)
Merry Christmas and Happy Advent!

Grace Patane

Love the name of this project, love fabric choice, and love that it looks quick and easy to put together. Thank you for the free pattern.

Marcia B

Love your crumb catcher! Easy design...easy to complete!

Ange Moore

Gorgeous project - and with young kids (and old) it's perfect for catching cookie crumbs!


Oh Roseann, those ginger snaps look so real and so good that I'm developing a real craving for them -- it's been a long time since I've had them. I think it might be fun to make a whole plate of gingersnaps! Or how about those peanut butter cookies with the chocolate kiss in the center. Or something with cherries?

I liked your comments about fabric and I really like the straightforward way you've done this project. I don't know if Santa's going to get any of MY cookies -- he may have to settle for yours this year.


Piecefully, Pam

Cookies are my husbands FAVORITE, so...sew I think I NEED one of these! Thanks. ; )

Alda, FL

Thanks for the adorable pattern.


Me ha gustado mucho este pequeño tapete. Los colores de las telas muy adecuadas.

Me apunto tu blog entre mis favoritos para visitarte de vez en cuando. Un saludo

I have liked very much this small rug. The colors of the very suitable fabrics.
I sign your blog between(among) my favorites to visit itself occasionally. A greeting


Great idea. Thanks for the adorable pattern.


found you via twitter! Love the project and I am making one today ... oatmeal cookies and smores. That's the look I am going for. Love your blog!


Such a cute pattern. Had to go back and catch up after vacation. So glad I did!


Thanks for the fun pattern - can't wait to get started!

Jane McCarthy

Such a cute project. I think I wrote a note before, but I'm "making my list, checkin' it twice" just to be sure. Thanks Roseann. I will be checking in with you regularly!

Mary Durham

I love the project you designed for us. I can see it done in all types of color schemes, not just Christmas. Thanks for being a part of the fun.


What a cute idea and so quick.

Barb C

thanks for the cute pattern. I love small quick projects. I've loved discovering new quilty blogs. Merry Christmas Barb


Wonderful project!

Kathleen B

The more I look at this pattern, the more I like it! Great job, Rosann...thank you so much!

What Comes Next?

What a great project! Thanks


This is such a cute pattern. I love that fabric line too.


truly enjoyed the blog & loved the projects my idea folder is full I hope to get a few of the done so many were quick gift ideas


I have loved learning about some new blogs during this hop. Thanks for all your effort!


Adorable! I think it would look great on my coffee table! Merry Christmas to me! Oh, and...Merry Christmas to you too! :) Thanks for the awesome pattern!


That's a beautiful mat! This blog hop is super fun!!


If I'm lucky and I finish decorating the tree tomorrow, then Sunday I will treat myself to making your "Crumb Catcher". I was going to use a fabric that I bought at your shop but am thinking I might use some gingerbread prints that I have in my stash. It would be cute with a clear glass plate of cookies on it. Saying it one more time....thanks much for your design and inspiration!


These cookie crumb catchers could be habit-forming!! Maybe one for every season, every occasion??

Holly Dillaway

Roseann, this has been so much fun! I have enjoyed each one of you designer's creativity!

I don't have a blog, but will gladly reply when my name is pulled!

Holly D in Ashtabula, OH


Thanks so much for the cute pattern, I can hardly wait to make one!

Cindi P.

thanks for the darling pattern...now if i could just get someone to make the cookies so I can sew

Nancy Brodeur

Thank you for the "cookie catcher". so cute. Love this blog hop, we have gotten to meet a bunch of very talented ladies.


thank you for sharing your time and talents with us!

Pat Glass

Very cute. Thanks for sharing..... Have a great Holiday Season!


Thanks so much for this cute pattern.


This is a great little table topper - quick and easy to make!! Thank you for sharing this pattern.


This is a great project! Love all the photos and the felted jingle bells and gingerbread house. I need to get started on all these great ideas!

Mary Durham

What a great project! Thanks for sharing.

Mary Burn

Thanks for sharing with us. I love the "crumb catcher". How cute!


interesante , realmente bonito, no creo que pueda hacerlo para este año, pero no lo descarto para el siguiente.
muy interesante su blog, no lo conocia pero volvere a visitarlo



Tricia T

This is a wonderful pattern! Thanks so much!!

Cathy H.

How pretty and the fabrics are great! Thank you.

Eileen A

What a great use of the snowball block. Thanks for the blog hop and Happy Holidays!!


First of all, let me tell all of you how much I have enjoyed this blog hop. The stories and memories that you have shared and the projects that you gave to us. Thank you for your generosity. Thank you for reminding us of the simplicity of a child's gift and the love behind it and what the true meaning behind the holiday spirit is.


I love this cookie crumb catcher quilt. I am going to make one for each of my cookie swap partners! I have some great Christmas fabric to use and they should be quick and easy! I can't wait to give one of these with the cookie exchange! Thanks so very much for such a great pattern!

Paulette Doyle

Thanks so much for sharing this delightful table topper! I LOVE it!

Sandra Davidson

I have loved all the projects that you ladies have done for us and will try and do them all as time permits. The cookie crumb catcher will make a perfect gift for my quiltie friends Thanks Sandra


Thanks for the great idea! Thanks!


Great project! Thank you so much for a great giftie idea!

Libby in TX

Too cute.......Loved reading your blog. This is a wonderful way to start your day. Thanks to all of you and the work ya'll put out. It's realy neat to see the people behind all the wonderful patterns and designs. Happy Holidays to you and your family.


What a fun idea. cookie plate crumb catcher. I will have to make up a few and give them out when I deliver my cookies.


I think I forgot to thank you yesterday for the cute little crumb catcher. I shall try and make it.
Thank you Marion in BC

Susan D

Very cute pattern and love the fabrics too. Thanks for sharing.

Blogless me

I absolutely love this pattern and the fabrics you have used! I would be prepared even to bake some cookies for it...

Mary Ann/Ca

Oh my, such a cute idea, I was travelingcross country all day on Thursday so didn't get to comment until now but I have been enjoying the hop so much.


Thank you for sharing your lovely Crumb Catcher pattern; I just might be able to handle getting this done before Christmas!

Another thank you for sharing your Christmas memories. They have been a joy to read.


thanks for another great pattern


What a cute project! Thanks for sharing.


I know its Friday and I haven't been able to comment until this very moment. My mother has been in the hospital and well...that kept me from my computer. I'm thankful she is ok and hopefully will be going home today. She is the rock in my life and I hope she will be around a long time.....Hopefully this weekend I can come back and read Thurs and Fri stories. I love this hope it give me a lot of Christmas spirit!


Wonderful! I am enjoying reading these new blogs. My laundry is never going to get done!


Thank you for sharing such a sweet project.


Roseann: I just wanted to pop back in and thank you for participating in this CCCQD blog hop. What a great advent to the upcoming Advent season. And, what a wonderful way to meet so many wonderful designers and get to know them. And you all gave us early Christmas presents - your free patterns! THANKS A BUNCH!!!! I enjoy following your blog all year. Happy Holidays HUGS...and stitches


very cute pattern! thanks for sharing it with us!


Thanks for your 12 Days of Christmas posts and your wonderful cookie crumb catcher pattern!


I love the project, and especially love the fabrics you used - just my colours.


Nice pattern and I can hardly wait to get started. I have enjoyed your blog and will continue to follow it-Great job-


I love this idea, thank you so much! I already have a cookie crumb catcher its called a 'clevage' and a 'lap'... :O)

thanks for the tutorial!



Thanks for sharing the wonderful pattern.


You are so talented. I love the Essence fabrics you choose for this project. They are perfect. Thanks for the tutorial.


Hey I’ve been following your blog for a while now!!! I think that this might be something you would be interested in. Maybe you’d like to participate or just do a little post about it! I’d love to see it be a great book ☺ (P.S. I’m not getting anything for passing the message along!)
Mandy from http://thatssewmandy.blogspot.com
All the info is taken from…
They posted on their blog:
I'm very pleased to organize the first-ever Quilter's Cookbook with recipes from quilters around the world. Everyone is welcome to submit a recipe, a photo of their favourite quilt and a story for inclusion in the Cookbook. The submission deadline is November 28, 2009.
The Quilter's Cookbook will be available for sale as a downloadable PDF file in early December 2009. The price will be determined based on the number of recipes submitted and the number of advertising sponsors.
The Cookbook is being created as a fundraising effort to help off-set some of the costs associated with running the Quilting Gallery site and to fund new community-based features planned for 2010. Please help support the community!
The theme for this Cookbook is "Quick and easy recipes, so we can get back to quilting!".

Debbie in WA

Great idea. I haven't made a crumb catcher before ~ but sure could use one or several for all the seasons and occasions. Many thanks!


Thank you for the great pattern. A cookie plate crumb catcher is a perfect pattern to make for Christmas. Santa can be so messy.


Thank you, Roseann, for the terrific pattern. I'm really enjoying your blog too!

Lorraine Bradley

Another great pattern. Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate it along with all the others.

badlands quilts

Very cute, hope to get up to see your shop soon!


Love your Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher, Thanks for sharing.

Ann Arneson

Thanks for sharing The Cookie plate crumb catcher pattern,


Busy Little Quilter

I love all of your designs in magazines that I have seen. The latest one I've seen are the cherries. So sweet!

Your project is adorable. Thank you for sharing it with us.

I have been on a quilting retreat and haven't been able to see any of your other posts in the blog hop. This weekend I will be playing catch-up. I love reading your Christmas memories.

Linda W

Thanks for the great pattern! This hop has been so much fun. I love how you used the snowball block to look like the cookies. What a coincidence that I have to bake cookies tomorrow. I would much rather be making your crumb catcher! Thanks again.

Beth Patrick

I really need something like this for the holidays! I have a bookcase ( it's not real tall, but long ) that we use to put all the desserts on,, there always seems to be crumbs from something... this will work great!,, actually I could use several of them.
Thanks for sharing the pattern!


What an adorable little project! I need to make this for DH (the resident cookie eater!)

Becky S

Thanks for the cute project!
White Bear Lake sounds like a charming town for a quilt shop.


Great project to share with all of us! Thanks for participating in this hop.

shirley j. b.

great pattern!

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