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    25 February 2010


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    Pam ... there were a ton of quilts ... I betchya a bunch of them will still be there when you come in May. I'm sure they'd love a new home in a warmer climate!


    That all looks fun. I really like Stillwater! AND YOU!


    It was right at the entrance of Staples Mills ... in that entry space between the outside door and the inside one. They had a lot of quilts in the store on Sunday ... so did a lot of the others, too. The prices at the Mill were the best in town ... Midtown Antiques prices were almost double on similar items.

    Mary Ellen

    Do you remember in which store you found that Crazy Ann quilt? I have a crazy niece Ann. Thanks


    Love the wool fan quilt and the turgoise fan quilt! You could always add your CQ stitches to that wool quilt. I also like that blue and white Crazy Ann quilt. I made one Crazy Ann block about ten years ago and ..... it just about drove me crazy! Triangles often confound me. :-) You always find the neatest stuff for photo ops!

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