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    21 February 2010


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    I have enjoyed every one of Pat's radio shows. It's always fun to hear someone that you've met in person, so hearing your voice and having seen your hideout workroom, it was easy to imagine tons of creativity going on! Don't you love it when it's so fun to share that you don't even realize how fast the time has slipped away? I loved the old radios in this post. We have my husband's grandparents radio from the 30's or 40's. I love the "WCCO" button on it. It's a regular piece of furniture, one that I can see his grandparents listening to their favorite programs. Oh, such simpler times. What fun to think about it. Hard times, too, as they shared lots of stories with us all before they passed on.

    Leslie Schmidt

    Good job on Pat's show! Were you nervous? You sure sounded calm, but also so revved up about all the neat stuff you've found. I'm looking forward to more.

    Chris G

    Just listened to Pat's show. Good job!


    It was great fun going on a radio scavenger hunt at the antique stores in Stillwater. I highly recommend photo hunts ... or visual ones ... when ever you feel the need to get out of a slump. Pick a subject and then just go looking. Remember my orange hunt last year in Orange CA ... or the yellow one at the Mall of America? Find something that trips your trigger and then open your eyes wide open. Fun times ahead!!

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